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Trinity Explorers recruiting raiders! (PC-EU-AD)

DyaeblcaDyaeblca CopenhagenPosts: 1Member

Trinity Explorers is a part of The Aldmeri Trinity guild coalition. Our main purpose is to create a guild, where people focused on PvE content can meet up with like-minded people to overcome challenges together. To become a member of Trinity Explorers, PvE needs to be your primary focus in the game. You will be able to partake casually in other forms of content such as PvP and crafting. If you are assigned to a group with a schedule for PvE content, you will do your best to always be available to the group on those set dates and times and prioritize it higher than other forms of content the game provides. A certain level of proficiency with the game and PvE content in general is required to be a member of the Explorers.


We offer:

  • Experienced, mature and active leaders

  • PvE content: veteran dungeons & trials

  • Stable Mumble server & website


Current recruitment requirements:

  • your main character has reached the level cap

  • you can raid 3 times a week with at least 85% attendance

  • you have a lot of raiding experience from other MMOs, also Trials experience is a big plus!

  • you have to be registered on our site and write an application following our template; all fields are required

  • you will be expected to be a fast learner, be up to date on all relevant theorycrafting and to study all upcoming tactics (posted on the guild forum)

  • you will work consistently outside of raids to acquire the best gear possible, all the best traits and enchants and you will always show up to raids with plenty of the best possible potions, food and soul gems.

Raiding schedule:

Tuesday & Wednesday & Sunday 7:30-11:00pm CEST


Guild Rules:

  • ESO is Rated Mature. That entails that certain discretions be made for age.

  • Trinity Explorers is on the European PC Megaserver. English is the written and spoken language in the Guild. It is thus required that you are able to communicate and make yourself understandable in English.

  • We use Mumble for voice communication and you're required to have it installed and set up properly, if you plan to engage in any organized activities within the guild.

  • Be courteous and respectful, and you can expect to be treated equally so. Any kind of racism, sexism or intolerance towards others will not be accepted.

  • Remember that you represent the guild in all your actions with others and your behavior reflects on the entire community.

  • Do not break the TOS and EULA! Mainly this means: don't purposely exploit bugs or use bots, do not buy or sell gold, but also take care in naming of your character etc. Use common sense.

  • We're an EU Aldmeri Dominion guild, and therefore your main character (and peferably also your most played alternative character) has to be a part of our faction.

  • Depending on your rank you are either more or less likely to be asked to join a progression group. Let us know your what goals and ambitions are.

  • If you have an issue with someone, try to resolve it with the person in question first. If that fails, contact a guild officer and through him/her resolve the issue. Do NOT bring your drama out into the guild chat and/or forum!

  • And last and most importantly; HAVE FUN!


For more information visit our website:


  • RevereanReverean BergenPosts: 4Member
    Originally posted by Dyaeblca
       [snip] Current recruitment requirements: [snip] you can raid 3 times a week with at least 85% attendance [snip]
    85% out of 3? So 2 and a half times per week then, at the very least? Really?
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