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(EU) Huge PvP Nerd LF Guild

crestidgeckocrestidgecko sudburyPosts: 16Member
Hey everyone  I just bought ESO today to PvP in the large scale Alliance Wars/Sieges. I have played MMO's for around 9 years. Been gladiator on WoW 3 times, played rift and EvE PVP and have decided through ALL the hate to try ESO. I haven't started a toon yet and am at work until 10pm tonight but when I get home ill be looking for a guild/home to level to 10 and start PvPing ASAP. I am looking for a clan that has a dedication to PvP / great group and team play, welcoming to new members . Always an active group going. PM me or post below (pref EU) . Look forward to playing with you soon 


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