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General: Knights Fable Open Beta Begins May 29th

BMunchausenBMunchausen Staff WriterBurlingame, CAMMORPG.COM Staff Posts: 400

This week GTArcade announced Knights Fable is coming along nicely and is ready for open beta. The game promises everything MMO players have come to expect: an expansive loot system, gems, heroes, trainable beasts and a PvP arena.

“We’re confident that Knight’s Fable will be a success.” Said Frances Sun, Product Manager. “Players can train heroes and beasts, and then use them together in battle alongside their main character. Many MMORPG’s only offer the opportunity to level up a single character. ”

Features include:

  • Epic loot - recover ancient gear to gain "insane" bonuses

  • Gem socketing

  • Beasts to capture and combat-train.

  • Taverns to meet and recruit trainable heroes

To sign up for the beta, visit the game's official website.




  • agaribaagariba Sao PauloMember Posts: 6 Uncommon
    Looking at their official page, I can tell you this game is TOTALLY Pay 2 Win, so I'll not even look at it when it launches. VIP privilegies everywhere...
  • quostinquostin Corry, PAMember Posts: 4 Uncommon
    Probably is a P2W game with several servers... 1 every month or so. If it is a browser game, then it will be P2W... all browser games are...
  • orionblackorionblack Wichita Falls, TXMember Posts: 493 Uncommon

    Hell no...they did that damn Angle browser game also...PASS!!


  • daimerdaimer BrasiliaMember Posts: 7



  • TiamatRoarTiamatRoar Potomac, MDMember Posts: 1,207 Uncommon
    Stay away if you value your wallet, life, and sanity. These "games" aren't really games so much as... I dunno, expensivevending machines that give no tangible product, I guess.
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