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EU Prime time Population report Thursday 16th May 2014 on Dark Age of Camelot

SolicfireSolicfire BathPosts: 219Member Common
EU Prime time Population report Thursday 15th May 2014 

This does not include anon players!

21:00PM CET /20:00PM GMT / 15:00PM EST / 14:00PM CST / 12:00PM PST 

All: 380
NNF: 199
Lab: 20
Lamfhota's Sound (Tutorial Zone) : 4
Thidranki: 3
Molvik: 24
Cathal Valley: 17

All: 434
NNF: 242
Grenlock Sound's (Tutorial Zone) : 6
Thidranki: 9
Molvik: 23
Cathal Valley: 9

All: 358
NNF: 157
Constantine Sound's (Tutorial Zone) : 10
Thidranki: 5
Molvik: 11
Cathal Valley: 12

Ywain Server Total: 1172


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