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{Diabolos} EMASS - Everything Massive Gaming Community

ArashiDemonArashiDemon Calgary, ABPosts: 4Member


FFXIV + End Game :


One of the oldest FC's on the server. Currently Our FFXIV Raid Times are Tues/Thurs 8PM - 12PM CENTRAL. Raid group 1 Is looking for 1 PLD and 1 SMN to progress through T6+


We are looking for members and interested parties who lack the infrastructure or require support of others to play the games they love. We also have positions open in our core leadership in which you have an opportunity to get in at the ground floor with the development of our platform and working closely with us to establish a lasting epicenter for multiplayer games.


Our Members are a diverse groups of people and players who have respect for everyone they play with no matter race, credence, disability, or sexual orientation.  Those who cannot follow the simple rule, will need to find another gaming community that tolerates it.  That being said this is an 18+ mature community we currently do not allow children within our ranks. 


The games the community plays require a type of organization that needs certain types of people to run those events.  What you should see in our leadership is the ability to guide you the player to training, events or PvE/PvP content.  Leaders typically spend at least 6 hours a week involved with the game they have a part in managing.  They are typically 12 hours away from communication with anyone in the Game and handle a majority of tasks together as a team.  They also report to Core Leadership about needs, recruitment or disciplinary actions that may need to occur.


Applications can be submitted at our website  All applicants will be considered. Please fill out applications in detail.


Also Playing WoW, Diablo 3, ESO, WildStar


Malak Galthana

Malak Galthana




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