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ArcheAge: Taking In The Sights 1,2,3,4 1080p

SilentstormSilentstorm Rahway, NJPosts: 1,159Member

ArcheAge Sights and Sounds Part 4 "Elven Lands"

This is the first two Elven starting zones. It's very woodsy and some what majestic. Some would say perfect for the Elves. It also seems to have a lot more to explore than other starting areas. I noticed a lot more detail went into the zone. Even though it does appear smaller in comparison to the other 3 races.


ArcheAge Sights and Sounds Part 3 "Eastern Lands Villanelle"

I could not pass up the wonderful look of this zone. So for this weeks sights and sounds. I present to you Villanelle in the Eastern Lands. I was supposed to be questing. But I got a little distracted by the zone.


ArcheAge Sights and Sounds Part 2

Continuing to show different areas in the game. This time from the ranges of 32-34 in levels. I'm doing the entire leveling experience from 0-50 on twitch. These are the places I encounter during that time. This is also as the Nurian Race. So you will get an idea what it's like as well.


ArcheAge Graphical Showcase

I decided to just run around ArcheAge for a bit. I was playing farming up things. And then I looked off to the right. And seen the sun peaking though the forest. And instantly did a eye pop out that's awesome face. Which led me to just run around where I could recording more awesome.

Now in some places on max settings I do experience slight lag. But all things considered I run around on max settings all the time.  I am using a old I7 processor gtx 660 and 16gigs of ram. So if you have better or close to it. You should be able to do the samething as me and record well. I plan to upgrade all of this soon. Because I noticed lately even browser games are stepping it up.

As far as this game. I suggest you just stop and look around a bit. Doesn't matter what version you have RU, NA, KR just look around. A lot of little things go unnoticed. Like I didn't notice how awesome the fog is in one valley. I never seen fog like that in a game until now. Also in Mirage how real the island looks and the ocean. Or how majestic some of the castle towns look. Not all cheesey and cartoony like some games.


  • flizzerflizzer Manchester, NHPosts: 1,550Member Uncommon

    Thank you for the video!


    Judging by the minimap this is only a small portion of the world, right?  How big is ArcheAge compared to other MMO worlds?   

  • VolgoreVolgore Posts: 2,209Member Uncommon

    I'm not sold on the graphics (anymore). The game impressed me more when i saw the first screens and clips some years ago.

    Some objects pop up late (mid range) and on long distance the map looks rather empty in some areas. AA is the kind of graphics that usually do not age very well and if you look at the game in say another year, it will look old.


    BTW: really waiting for more videos on Wildstar, stop slacking ;)

  • SilentstormSilentstorm Rahway, NJPosts: 1,159Member

    Well Wildstar is in beta still. I'm waiting for it to get closer to launch. They keep changing things too fast. 

    As fir AA I just did a second video for sights and sounds. Because people encouraged me to do it 1080p.

  • SilentstormSilentstorm Rahway, NJPosts: 1,159Member
    I added the best sights and sounds yet. This area is just too good not to put in 1080
  • SilentstormSilentstorm Rahway, NJPosts: 1,159Member
    As requested I'm keeping the ball rolling. The Elven lands have a more natural look compared to the last video. But it's just as good to see. This is the first two zones for starter Elves.
  • KarbleKarble San Diego, CAPosts: 741Member
    Originally posted by Silentstorm
    As requested I'm keeping the ball rolling. The Elven lands have a more natural look compared to the last video. But it's just as good to see. This is the first two zones for starter Elves.

    Great videos!

    What is your average frames per second?

    I have seen one video of a guy changing multi-threading in the settings.

    Does AA support multi-threading to get the most out of it when in a large raid? Or can a i5 2500K cpu do ok.

    Things I want are no low frame rates or lag. So if I need to upgrade to the latest i7 quad to get the most out of the game in 1080p with no frame drop or lag then I should save a bit more now.

    Are you using the highest settings with everything cranked? What did you feel you needed to tweak for best overall performance vs graphics?

    I have a nvidia 570gtx. I think I could run the game at lower resolution, but it looks like 1080p might be pushing this video card. Maybe stepping up to the more beefy nvidia770 graphics card is the right move or?

    I have heard the settings on mid-quality are not great and I don't want to not like the game due to not being able to see the game how it's meant to be viewed while doing all activities.


  • KarbleKarble San Diego, CAPosts: 741Member

    forgot to mention...


    I would like to be able to set the draw distance on ships, people, grass etc. to farthest possible as well. Have you found you had to adjust any of these settings?

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