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City of Steam: New Servers Incoming

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,001MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

In what is surely a good sign for City of Steam: Arkadia, the team has announced that a new US server will be added and that the first EU server will be opening soon. EU players who have been gaming on the US server will be allowed to transfer all currency to the new EU server when it goes live. Characters, however, cannot be transferred. 

  For all European players who played on US servers, we can transfer all your remaining Electrum to the new EU server after deduction from the US one.

Unfortunately, characters cannot be transferred manually between databases so we can’t transfer US characters to the new European server.
How to get Electrum transferred:
1.    Write us an email (;

2.    List character names and playing US servers, along with Electrum balance (screenshot works as well);

3.    Transferred Electrum quantity will be based upon provided quantity and backend log;

4.    Electrum can only be transferred when player payment has cleared (a fraud prevention measure).
5.    Have a look at your account after EU server is up and confirm the Electrum was transferred successfully.

Check out the full announcement on the City of Steam: Arkadia site.



  • HytekHytek SkaevingePosts: 123Member Uncommon
    Two days and not a single comment on a huge deal like opening up 2 extra servers with 1 being in the EU region. Why am I getting the impression that it's a dead game even though more servers are being introduced?

    I have found in my lifetime, that the beauty of hating stupid people is, that it crosses all racial boundaries.

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