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Templer healing build question


First off for your one healing bar what heals are u using, i cant deciede which ones are best for pve. Im lvl 23 atm.

Second ive noticed in dungeons(the lvl 20-23 ones) most of the time im not getting xp? I know xp is bad in dungeons but getting none at all from most mob kills?


The abilities ive got slotted atm are, lingering ritual, honor the dead, rapid regeneration those r the ones i use 100% of the time.

I also have restoring aura for the slotted effect. My fav is lingering ritual but its a bith to get people to stand in a group in a dungeon.


  • LenthalLenthal LoulPosts: 7Member

    So far only level 16, I can tell you that spamming healing ritual seems to work most of the time, rarely had to do more.


    I use lingering ritual morph btw, I haven't tried the reduced cast time one, but 0.3 over extra healing? no thanks..

  • Run what fits your playstyle I ran healing spring, breath of life, mutagen, pufiying ritual, and siege shield.  You can run w/e for SS in pve.  Its similar to yours but with the mana management and aoe healing moved around a bit.


    not sure why you aren't getting xp for stuff maybe just another bug from a shit game that shouldn't have been released.  I'm glad i got my money back.  Have fun fighting over the same 3 keeps or needing a large group to take a resource, because thats how you get long term RvR, anyway its all been said.


    edit: if your having trouble with getting ppl to stand in your ritual, tell them "If your not in the circle when your on fire you won't see the X to hit to dispell the fire and HEAL your self."  OR




    its up2u

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