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Lux Arcana [Daggerfall Covenant - EU] Casual, but dedicated guild seeks new members

AllicusAllicus CroydonPosts: 1Member



Lux Arcana - Casual, but dedicated guild

Mature members -  18+

PC - European Megaserver

Daggerfall Covanant


Recruitment - OPEN


Lux Arcana is a multi-game guild that was established in 2004.  We as a guild have featured in numerous MMOs over the years such as Darkfall, EVE, Everquest II, Final Fantasy XIV, LOTRO, SWTOR and Vanguard to name a few.  We are an organised guild and have a fairly mature membership and such offer a very stable guild that we hope will be here for years to come.  We are now looking to establish ourselves in Elder Scrolls Online and have chosen to fight under the banner of the Daggerfall Covenant on the European server.

In Elder Scrolls Online we are looking to be involved in all facets of the game and seek new members who are interested in playing in a friendly, mature, casual guild.   


Key information

·    Races: All races accepted

·    Classes: All classes accepted

·    Focus: AvA, PvP, PvE, Trading, Crafting

·    Time Zone: European (English speaking)

·    Clan size: 50+

·    Hours per week: Less important as long as you contribute/get involved!

·    Ages/Outlook: 18+, mature, helpful, friendly and outgoing

·    Voicecomms: Required (we currently use Mumble)


For more information, please visit our website at


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