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Servers back up!

ReklawReklaw Am.Member Posts: 6,495 Uncommon
Just saying....


  • RavenmaneRavenmane Pensacola, FLMember Posts: 246
    Is there a link to the patch notes?

    "If at first you don't succeed, excessive force is probably the answer."
  • DxAssistDxAssist BallerupMember Posts: 5 Uncommon

    You thought the servers were back up.. Acting!

    Seriously though, after like 20 min. of playing, they brought the "access code" back and now no one can log back in.. again..

    How I imagine the programmers feel after getting bugs after bugs..

    How I imagine the programmers feel when more bugs appear..

    Today an Outcast.. Tomorrow a Hero.

  • alterfenixalterfenix Bielsko-BialaMember Posts: 357 Uncommon
    Not really up. Out of 4 characters I can login on only two. Also no email verification code (btw can somehow enter the game but can't enter account management because of this, wtf?). Also on the only character I was able to login no guilds and no contacts available (as in I supposedly have none). And disconnects with unknown error message over and over again...
  • Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Den HelderMember Posts: 9,375 Rare
    Well overhere in europe the patch was prettty unstable

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