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ESO support, or lack there of?

Laughing-manLaughing-man Dublin, OHPosts: 3,637Member Uncommon

So it seems Elder Scrolls support team is really not there to 'support' anything or anyone.

I've had a myriad of problems since day one of playing this game and they've literally answered over 9 of my emails with generic forum letters that have no baring what so ever on my actual question.

Example letter below :




When I made my account, I was FORCED to enter in billing information or it would not take my serial number codes, YOUR website is designed THUSLY.

Now when I tried to get the extra days DUE to me VIA the agreement your company sends me THIS as an answer



Greetings Adventurer,

Sorry for any inconvenience this may caused you You only have 30 days of free game you set your subscription up on the 4th and the free trial starts when you set your subscription up. Today is the 5th so you have 28 more days of free game left.

Thank you for your continued interest and support!

Warm Regards,
The Elder Scrolls Online Team


Me again:

This is wholly unacceptable behavior, I demand you add the extra game days to my account or you will be in violation of the agreement made upon purchase of this game.





This was their reply to the above letter :


Response By Email (Name redacted) (04/05/2014 10:32 PM)


Greetings traveler,


The charges we are seeing on your account at this time seem to have not been processed correctly. These kinds of errors are often called "Ghost Charges" and are pending charges that are being withheld by your financial institution. We ask that you please wait 3-10 business days for the funds to be released back into your account. If after the allotted time the funds are still not showing on your account, please contact us back so that we can look further into the concern.

In the meantime, if you would like to purchase the game, we would suggest that one of the two following steps are tried before purchasing the game again:

1. Disable all add-ons on the Internet browser that you are using to purchase the game. Also, it is suggested that anti-virus software and ad-blocker software is disabled during the time making the purchase.

2. Download a new Internet browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and choose not to import anything to the browser during the installation process. (For players who are choosing this step and downloading a new browser, check the add-ons in the new browser and disable all of them, once the new browser is installed.)

If the purchase does not go through on the first attempt after one of the steps provided, please contact us back for further instruction or contact your financial institution to find out if they have placed any kind of block on purchases, due to the prior failed purchases.

Thank you for your continued interest and support!

Happy trails,

The Elder Scrolls Online Team

This is just one example of the MANY MANY examples I have of their support staff completely ignoring my complaint / problem / issue and replying with a generic reply, nearly instantly so too.
It's almost like they have an automated system that replies to keywords with generic responses.
I am so frustrated right now.


  • prowessprowess st louis, MOPosts: 164Member Uncommon

    As a technical support systems engineer, I've often been amazed at how bad customer support for games is..  ESO is no exception.


    In fact, the only game I've ever been pleased with the support in is Marvel Heroes.  They really have their philosophies straight when it comes to support.

    I chose the Xfinity speed test because it does not reveal my ISP.

  • Yoda_CloneYoda_Clone Harker Heights, TXPosts: 219Member

    I went to the account page to cancel the subscription before I get billed for something I do not want.

    Guess what?  Thee is no "Cancel Account" option on the page.

    So, I contacted Customer Service.  I got an email saying I hadn't told them the answer to my personal question.

    Well... they hadn't asked, so why would I have answered the question?  Beyond that point , do they really exoect me to remember WHICH personal question I'm supposed to answer?  Like every damn account nowadays wants us to answer a personal question... stupid approach to security.

    So, I went to my account, logged in, and looked up my personal question... subnitted it... and got a "snarky" form letter email back.

    Let's just say that I'm not happy with them at the moment...

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