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I need your opinions on crafting trait research and prioritization.

movros99movros99 granby, MOPosts: 125Member Uncommon

Fellow crafters,

My plan is to max all crafting professions and my main character will be mastering Woodworking, Blacksmithing, and Clothing so all motifs will apply to each profession.  I have begun the process of hoarding armor and weapon drops with the various traits that will need to be researched.  My initial plan was to save one piece per trait that needs to be researched but the inventory space and time required to sort all the items is becoming excessive. Starting from scratch I would need to save up 272 pieces of armor and weaponry. 

So far none of the trait/item combinations seem rare so I believe I can assume that these items will be readily available. I'm thinking about merely saving items that correspond to the four most important, useful traits per item and picking up the rest later on. 

The weapon traits are Precise, Sharpened, Infused, Weighted, Powered, Charged, Defending and Training. 

For armour they are Infused, Impenetrable, Divines, Reinforced, Well-Fitted, Training, Sturdy, and Exploration. 

According to a Reddit post by Moosetrax the top four for each should be:

Armour - Infused, Impenetrable, Divines, and Reinforced

Weapon - Precise, Sharpened, Infused, and Weighted.

Anyone else want to weigh in?  How would you all rank the various traits ?



  • MikeBMikeB Community Manager Queens, NYPosts: 6,161Administrator Rare
    This is a pretty good list priorities wise. I'm going towards the same ones.

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  • CazNeergCazNeerg Puyallup, WAPosts: 2,198Member
    In the short term, I would say Training for both weapons and armor.

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  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne YorkshirePosts: 3,101Member Uncommon

    I just do whatever..

    I love the game but I hate this aspect of it. So, yeh, not a helpful reply but that's my opinion on it. If I can't craft what I need at endgame straight away I'll just buy it from someone else.

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