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The day night cycle, what time is it ?!!

thunderCthunderC miami flPosts: 599Member Uncommon

When you click "M" and bring up the map in the right corner it shows your Real World time, Is there anyway to change this to ingame time. Im big on immersion and like to know when sunrise/sunset is approaching.


 Is there a ingame option to change this, If not, Is there a mod to add this, And if its a no to both has anyone worked out the time on their own ? Im pretty sure its 4 hours of day 4 hours of night , has anyone mapped the Real world time to the game time.  ie 12pm east coast time =Midnight game time ect...ect...




  • SkullESkullE Nashua, NHPosts: 9Member
    Need a mod to add this to the compass. rotating sun, moon dial would be enough
  • thunderCthunderC miami flPosts: 599Member Uncommon
    Just a quick bump to see if anyone else has a answer
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