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I bought ESO+Headstart+Early Access - how many keys should I receive?

MikeJezZMikeJezZ DenmarkPosts: 1,170Member Uncommon

Hey guys,


I have bought Elder Scrolls Online from Kinguin, and I am wondering how many keys that I should actually receive?


On their own store it says:


  • The product contains:

    • Elder Scrolls Online (the key will be sent upon the release of the game)

    • Headstart key (the key will be sent instantly)

More details will be added soon!


Now it says nothing with a key for the Explorer's Pack (but you can see at the description of the game, that I have bought the whole package:


The Elder Scrolls Online + Headstart + Explorer Pack Digital Download + 30 Days


So, should I receive ESO retail, headstart key (I have been granted this), and a Explorers Package, or should I only receive two keys: ESO retail and headstart key?

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  • Swids2010Swids2010 plymouthPosts: 244Member

    If you bought it on the official site means you have already set up a account to buy it and it should of applied the codes automatically go to to the account summary section will say there what you got on far right if I remember correctly.

    Edit- Sorry just read your op again you bought from a different source.

  • MerklynnMerklynn Posts: 100Member Uncommon
    You should have 3.

    Early Access, Preorder (Explorers Pack) and finally the Retail Key to officially register your copy of ESO.
  • VrikaVrika FinlandPosts: 3,046Member Uncommon

    I think you should get 3 keys. This is what Greenmangaming delivers if you purchased headstart + explorer's pack + the game:

    "Thank you for pre-ordering The Elder Scrolls® Online. The official launch has finally come and we are pleased to send you your unique activation codes later today!

    You will receive three codes:

    • 1 x EARLY ACCESS code

    • 1 x MAIN GAME code

    • 1 x EXPLORER’S PACK code"

  • MikeJezZMikeJezZ DenmarkPosts: 1,170Member Uncommon

    Thank you all for your inputs.


    I have indeed received all 3 keys now, even though Early Access did not work when it was redeemed.

    Playing ATM: Black Desert, Xbox One
    MMO's shelted: Check my mmorpg profile
    KICKSTARTED: Camelot Unchained. (250 USD)

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