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EU/NA clients different? – had to download client again!

markyturnipmarkyturnip New York, NYPosts: 837Member Uncommon

Just a warning; after being in beta weekends, I was somehow put into the NA server. I live  in the UK.

To get into the EU server I found out I have to download the game client again. It looks like it’s going to take all day.

A warning to others who might be in the same situation…


  • MikeJezZMikeJezZ DenmarkPosts: 1,170Member Uncommon

    I can't remember exactly how, but you can take a backup or copy the US files over to the EU folder and voila!


    By the way, this has been talked about since the age of pre-ordering.

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  • markyturnipmarkyturnip New York, NYPosts: 837Member Uncommon

    Maybe so, but the first I heard of it was today. There was no warning given by the game.


    As to copying over files - I tried, but didn't work!

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