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Epic raid on Bakti (city)

YoungCaesarYoungCaesar San Diego, CAPosts: 317Member Uncommon

Say what you want about Mortal Online, but theres no other MMO out there where u can go and pillage an NPC city with ppl inside in an open seamless world...



  • d_20d_20 SeoulPosts: 1,431Member Uncommon

    I'm glad you had fun, but I really wouldn't call that "epic."


    I only watched the first three minutes and I saw 1 or 2 nakeds get murdered. It looked chaotic. But mostly, I saw greens running around and not many reds. So that's why it didn't look epic to me. Maybe it gets better after 3 minutes, though.

  • NajwalaylahNajwalaylah Posts: 85Member Uncommon

    No, it doesn't get better. At least not until it stops.

    Casilda Tametomo, Priestess of Soldeus | AKA Lepida

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  • ZeerahaZeeraha ZagrebPosts: 67Member Uncommon
    If Blizzard didn't change stuff in last few years, you can do the same thing in WoW on PvP server. Still, only in MO you can actually keep the city and turn off guards, practically turn the city into lawless area under one guild' control. But to conquer a city guild must make huge investments in placing control towers and keep the town from enemy raids.
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