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I havent played this game in almost 6 months...

ellobo29ellobo29 warren, MIMember Posts: 420 Uncommon
And in that time has there been any meaningful updates worth checking out? Because I have not noticed anything on the forums.....


  • brihtwulfbrihtwulf Grand Rapids, MIMember Posts: 973 Uncommon
    Nothing you might call major.  Some slight updates to improve some of the various screens.  They implemented a "mission" system, but it doesn't actually DO anything at the moment, other than tell newer players where they should be going with their squad.  They ARE, however, getting ready to add an entirely new continent soon, so that's something major.


  • Colt47Colt47 Elgin, ILMember Posts: 549 Uncommon
    I'm in the same boat as you OP.  I stopped playing a while ago because there wasn't much of anything new to do on top of the weapons all feeling too alike.  When call of Duty manages to seem more creative with their guns than a Sci-fi MMO FPS something is terribly wrong.  Then again, I was expecting to have as much variety as there is in Unreal Tournament with weapons.
  • NagilumSadowNagilumSadow Atlanta, GAMember Posts: 300 Uncommon
    Smed is basically the Charlemagne of mmo developers... what more do you need to know?
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