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Guild benefits

NacarioNacario World Wide WebPosts: 217Member
I was wondering if someone could tell me the benefits of being in a guild? Im talking about perks, i.e. experience boost, not the social part.


  • MsPtibiscuitMsPtibiscuit Louvain-La-NeuvePosts: 164Member
    Atm, only the auction houses that belong to the guild that claimed a keep in Cyrodiil
  • SKurjSKurj Oshawa, ONPosts: 27Member

    Apart from the fact that there is no public auction house, you can only sell items via a guild AH of some sort ...  I'd like to know the answer as well.  Also.. you can join 5 guilds..  can I post my stuff for sale on one guild AH that includes all my guilds or do I need to post stuff for each individual guild...  Been in several guilds in several games over the years, I can sure do without em.


    Sorry if this is actually a derail..

  • Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Den HelderPosts: 9,116Member Uncommon

    Guildshops, guildbanks..... Socialising..


    i think they will add more to that over time...

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  • NacarioNacario World Wide WebPosts: 217Member

    I thought I saw this exp perk bonus, but maybe this is something I remember from wildstar.. all these mmos has its toll on my mind.

    Anyway, sounds like its safe to be guildless at launch

  • colonnelli71colonnelli71 new windsor, NYPosts: 52Member
    Well aside from what others have already posted on here, if you are going to take PvP serious then I would think you want to be in a good PvP guild. I know if you have any intention on getting Emperor at any point you will have to be guilded. I highly doubt you will ever see an unguilded Emperor for the simple fact that yes you can acquire the most points but getting the alliance to help take the keeps you need to become Emperor is a totally different ball game. Lots of server politics will come into play. I have already seen this happen in beta with a huge guild alliance not pushing keeps because an a player not from that alliance was #1. That alliance did not push keeps until a member of that alliance was #1.
  • SKurjSKurj Oshawa, ONPosts: 27Member
    I think as 99.9999% of the ESO population will never be emperor that hardly counts... 
  • Pig-EyePig-Eye Lickbone, KYPosts: 115Member
    Originally posted by Nacario
    I was wondering if someone could tell me the benefits of being in a guild? Im talking about perks, i.e. experience boost, not the social part.


    Probably the best guild perk by far is that if a gold seller joins the guild, they will have half of the information required to hack everyone's account right off the bat!


    Sorry for the doom and gloom. But, that is a real possibility :(

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  • SatariousSatarious Kansas City, MOPosts: 1,073Member Uncommon
    The social aspect of Guilds is absolutely essential for RvR (aka AvA).  Without that, you'll only end up in PUGs all the time like the typical crybaby who complains about zergs all the time on these forums.

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