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When will EOS actually be worth buying? 6 months? A year from now?

VicodinTacoVicodinTaco Posts: 792Member Uncommon

Every game goes through it.  They release the title at a sub-par or even total crap condition, and then it blossoms into a decent gaming experience over time.


Some examples.

Diablo 3 was not a great experience at all until a few weeks ago.   2.0 is a whole new feel compared to release.

Final Fantasy 14 was a disaster until ARR.

Tera, The Secret World, Lord of the Rings, Rift etc. all really hit their stride when they went free to play, B2P.  That was the best time to jump into these games.  The bugs were gone, the systems were perfected and the crowds were large.

Even Star Wars TOR and Age of Conan are decent games if you were to get your first impression now instead of at release.


You see the pattern.  How long do you think before Elder Scrolls Online hits it's stride?  I know I will not be there on release day and I have hardly even researched the game at all, let alone play beta.  Why bother?  There are plenty of other titles to play until they finish the game ha.






  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 24,001Member Epic

    There is just something "special" about being in a MMORPG at launch, and there's only one time you'll ever get a chance to do it in any particular game.

    Yes, there are many headaches, and you are correct, I think many games do get much better with a year or two under their belt, but even then, the train frequently has long since left the station. 

    No matter how many players return once a game goes free to play, the numbers almost never come near what they were at launch.  Now whether you consider that a plus or minus depends on your perspective I suppose.

    One thing that is almost virtually certain in this style of MMO is the lower level areas will be ghost towns 6 months or a year later vs launch, except of course for the brief window a F2P relaunch provides.  (Assuming the game ever goes F2P of course, FFIV ARR still isn't so those who waited may never get to play.

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  • the420kidthe420kid Hamilton, ONPosts: 440Member Uncommon
    Eso is already well worth $60 same as any other game that has a decent level of content.
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