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Feature Patch in April: Blogs Today.

MeowheadMeowhead New Carlisle, INPosts: 3,716Member Uncommon talks a bit about the upcoming April feature patch, and has a link to blogs.

The one today - - deals with a new trait system (Including 40 new grandmaster traits and grandmaster trait hunting), while there is a list of the future blogs that haven't been written yet.

From the looks of it there's something about combat, criticals (Probably the change to how crit damage percentage is becoming a numerical stat named Ferocity), wardrobe, dyes, looking for group, account bound stuff, and some other features.

No idea what 'removing restrictions' is about (Though the trait blog mentions allowing you to change traits anywhere you are out of combat, without visiting a trainer), but there's also 3 whole blogs about facilitating friendly play, which I'm curious what that will be about. 


  • dontadowdontadow Detroit, MIPosts: 996Member Uncommon
    One of the best things I've heard all day.  I love that GW is keeping it fresh.  
  • BeelzebobbieBeelzebobbie MalmöPosts: 430Member Uncommon
    looking forward to this to, however I have 8 level 80s and I could use an expansion pack soon :)
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