Invite friend link for new players

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For new players, here is my invite friend link:


Each person who register using this link will receive 50 Golden Eagles (in game premium currency) as a gift.


Ground forces (tanks) and Air forces (planes) are on same account using same game client. The Golden Eagles (premium curency) are common for tanks and planes.


I wish you all to enjoy the game and have fun!



  • CIB3CIB3 new york, NYMember UncommonPosts: 88

    The invite friend link is still available.


    Tanks are available for 3 nations: Russia, Germany and US.


    New Tank Destroyers M10 (Wolverine), M36 and M18 (Hellcat) was added to US recently.


    Here is a video about the new M18 Hellcat:


    Have fun all and enjoy the game!


    EDIT :

    - Don't play this game... Right now is totally P2W, premium tanks are a lot better than free tanks (i.e. T-34-100 premium much better than T-34-85, etc).

    - The game is unbalanced, some tanks were nerfed to total destruction of the fun to playing them, like all tanks using 90mm gun from US.

    - A lot of bugs.

    - Huuuuuge grind... a casual player (1-2 h/day, 3-4 days/week) need to play years to take last tier 5 tanks.

    - Repetitive gameplay. All matches follow same pattern/path.

    - Bad population, bad players, a lot of players don't go for victory, they just zerg rush and die immediately. All are bored to death by this game.

    - Bad and slow reaction to players feedback from developers.

    - Still somewhat better than World of Tanks, but best for anyone is to wait for Armored Warfare.


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