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Returning to DAoC, in need of a community.

MegilindirMegilindir AucklandPosts: 158Member Uncommon

Hello good folks.After long hours of game searching and not finding any useful or fun game i've decided to return back.

Can you guys please tell me which community/guild is best for between 00:00 CET- 04:00 CET (Possibly Albion/Hibernia), and if you out there can you tell me your name/ guild for me to find you?

See you in game = )



  • GhavalGhaval Hoover, ALPosts: 49Member Uncommon
    I Hate People on mid is active that time. 

  • SolicfireSolicfire BathPosts: 365Member Uncommon

     Hi Megilindir,

    Welcome back to the game! 

    I suggest joining these guilds which are most active at US prime time 

    Jerrys Kids on Midgard or Chillz town on Hibernia.



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