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New Feature - Dungeon Recall

KingsIsleKingsIsle Community Manager of KingsIsleAustin, TXPosts: 158Member

Ever wished you could just recall directly back to the dungeon you just left? Well now you can! 

If you are defeated or teleported out of a dungeon that you were in alone, you now have the option to recall directly back to the start of that same dungeon. An icon will appear near your compass, and placing your mouse over that button will show you the Dungeon name, and a countdown timer showing how long you have before the Dungeon closes. 



You will only see this icon when you have a currently recall-able dungeon available to you. If you are defeated or teleported out of a dungeon that you were exploring with other Wizards, you have the option to recall to the dungeon, but you will not see a timer. If your friends complete the dungeon without you, you will not be able to recall to the dungeon and will receive the message that the Dungeon has been completed.

If you return to an entry sigil of your currently active Dungeon, you will see the option to Resume your current dungeon. If you choose to Resume your dungeon, you will immediately be teleported and will not have to wait for the Sigil countdown. This will prevent players from resetting your dungeon progress by joining you on the Sigils. 


If you choose not to Resume your current dungeon, you will start a new Dungeon and abandon all progress in your previous version. The following message will appear to confirm that you want to abandon your previous dungeon, and start a new one. This message will also appear if you are trying to enter a completely different dungeon.



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