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New Feature - Team Up!

KingsIsleKingsIsle Community Manager of KingsIsleAustin, TXPosts: 158Member

Our players have been asking for this for a while now and we're excited to announce the Team Up!feature! 

Team Up! Button has been added to the “Press X to Enter” window of most dungeon sigils. The button allows players to find other players that want to play the same dungeon even if they’re in different realms. 

When you select the Team Up! option, you will be asked to confirm your action. 

You cannot choose or reject the team that you are placed in. If you're not happy with the team you were placed in, simply leave the dungeon and you will leave the Team. If you leave the dungeon you will have to wait five minutes before you can Team Up! again. 



  1. If you press X to close this box, you will be removed from the Team Up! queue
  2. You will not be put on the same team as someone who you have ignored, or who has ignored you
  3. Team Up! ignores Groups. Grouped players do not need to use Team Up! as you can just teleport to your Group members and join the dungeon together.
  4. Team Up! does not use the 10 second sigil countdown, instead you will wait by the dungeon for others to join the team
  5. When one player is waiting, they will wait until a second player joins
  6. When the second player joins, a two minute timer starts. When the timer reaches zero, all players are teleported into the Dungeon
  7. If a fourth player joins, the timer is ignored and the players are teleported right away

See you there!

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