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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Breaking News - Housing Announced

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,982MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Bioware fans participated in a developer chat with the Star Wars: The Old Republic team. During the chat, housing was revealed, a feature that many players have called for since the game's release. To generate discussion and excitement, Bioware has released a teaser video. Watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments.



  • heider89heider89 bergenPosts: 157Member Uncommon
    am hyped! cant wait for more info
  • TygranirTygranir Colordo Springs, COPosts: 741Member
    Indeed. Could be pretty exciting if they do a good job with it.

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  • brihtwulfbrihtwulf Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 974Member Uncommon
    This isn't really going to "improve" the game, but it's a fun little addition for people who like that kind of immersion.  Not sure why it took them so long to come up with housing, but better late than never.  Hopefully this won't slow their rollout of further content, like new planets and levels.


  • RaysheRayshe London, ONPosts: 1,278Member Uncommon
    Damnet Bioware, why did you have to add something i was interested in. crap, why do i see a reinstall in my near future.

    Because i can.
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  • Sevenstar61Sevenstar61 Centreville, VAPosts: 1,674Member Uncommon

    I would love to see a side quest to get the house (somewhat similar to getting ship in class story - meaning reason for getting it).

    Smugglers and Bounty hunters should get a house on Nar Shaddaa image, Jedi on Coruscant and Sith on Dromund Kaas

    P.S. Hyperspace Beacon from January wrote: A player on Reddit likes to dive deep into the datafiles for SWTOR's test center. In those encrypted files, he found multiple placeholders for a housing vendor.

    So question: what these vendors will be selling: are there many kinds of houses/apartments to buy? Or stuff for houses? Can't wait to get answer to that.


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  • RebelScum99RebelScum99 Mesa, AZPosts: 1,090Member

    Wow, color me impressed.  Bioware is churning out some much-needed features.  Of course, knowing Bioware, they'll probably **** it up, but least their heart is in the right place.  

    ETA:  Just think of the cash shop possibilities!  



  • BeyornBeyorn Posts: 273Member Uncommon
    I would rather have class story ;P.
  • serarielserariel Lilburn, GAPosts: 12Member
    Soooo happy to see this addition to the game. I was gonna leave for Wildstar because they had housing now... not going anywhere. :-D
  • HokieHokie Vancouver Wa.Posts: 1,063Member Uncommon

    Im not a SWtOR hater at all.

    But I have this feeling it will have about as much customization as our personal ships.

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  • KoruaKorua Bremerton, WAPosts: 14Member
    I would guess they will drop the ball on this as well.  "Hey, look starfighters" ....but I have no controller support and it's nothing more than another pvp lobby......"Hey look, hey look a house".....but -
  • wangkomwangkom Leesburg, VAPosts: 119Member
    To me, Housing = just another way to waste your credits.
  • TokkenTokken Portland, ORPosts: 1,428Member Uncommon

    Good, Good.... Glad I saved my credits.

    Warriors are like steel, when you lose your temper you lose your worth.
  • WolfClawsWolfClaws Arlington, VAPosts: 636Member Uncommon

    Two years too late.


    It would have to give something more than what the ships can give.

  • HanthosHanthos Area 18, Arc CorpPosts: 242Member Uncommon

    Better late than never, but it will need to have more customization and purpose as well as be available on many worlds to be a viable reason to return for more than a month. 

  • AzzrasAzzras Loganville, GAPosts: 396Member Uncommon

    I'll guarantee almost every item is a cash shop exclusive...

  • HarikenHariken Brighton, MAPosts: 1,507Member Uncommon
    Anyonw wanna bet its for subs only. F2p players will have to buy it like everything else.
  • GardavsshadeGardavsshade Cedar Springs, MIPosts: 907Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Hariken
    Anyonw wanna bet its for subs only. F2p players will have to buy it like everything else.

    I myself am willing to bet it's both F2P AND SUBS that will have to buy it, either thru a dedicated expansion pack, or thru Cash Shop.

  • VorthanionVorthanion Laguna Vista, TXPosts: 2,472Member Uncommon
    I could care less about housing if it is instanced.  SWG was the only game that even came close to getting it right in my book.  Housing should be a tool for community and world building.

  • DrunkWolfDrunkWolf Posts: 1,274Member Uncommon
    I wonder how many loading screens it will take to get in and out of your house. im going with 6.
  • IncomparableIncomparable KuwaitPosts: 995Member Uncommon

    The problem with not releasing this at launch similar to the acievements is that a lot is lost or less significant if just all traced back in their logs.

    Housing in themeparks is very important to offer content that can enhance existing content by bringing trophies and lore from the MMO space into the house with character creation.

    Still depending on how housing is done, it will add a lot to the game for new players. I have lost so much track in the game the only thing that would bring back at this point including all these nice things are card games.

    Sounds simple enough, but it would be a reason to log in, and then once i am logged in, I would try other things... including pvp which the last time i tried, which was recently with still good pvp gear, made me realize how unbalanced the game was with classes. Its either heals and one side or both sides are unbeatable thus a game of watching skill rotation for 15 mins. Or if the side without enough healers or w/e, and there are stealth dps, kills in a few secs even though other non stealth classes which are dps can not do the same. They reward stealth as the dps pvp class and no other based on the illusion it is a hard class to learn which is not... especially with tutorials online. thats why i cant enjoy the game even with all this great content... i play and it feels like i accomplish nothing in pvp. 

    “Write bad things that are done to you in sand, but write the good things that happen to you on a piece of marble”

  • Blazer6992Blazer6992 Las Vegas, NVPosts: 607Member Uncommon

    I have a feeling that housing will be really restricted for the free to play players, if they even have that option.


  • HellidolHellidol TACOMA, WAPosts: 451Member Uncommon
    Its sad how people play catch up, Corps only make moves off of other Corps. When will they put money into proper marketing research to fine out what its consumers really want?

  • jandrsnjandrsn Minneapolis, MNPosts: 187Member
    So, ex swg player here. I could care less about housing in swtor. Housing in swg gave me a place to decompress after PvP or hunting or whatever. I had a house on dantooine that I built because some mayor wannabe asked me to drop one there and I was new so I did lol. I did a lot of decorating there, even ran my droid shop from there. Guild wanted me on a different planet but nah, that house was my swg home.... can't imagine needing a home in the swtor universe tbh. Not a bad game but housing, especially on a job means you lilive here kinda system, no thanks. Oh yeah, and I'm sure they will cash shop the heck out of it :p
  • cronius77cronius77 Fairfax, VAPosts: 1,611Member Uncommon
    while adding in any new immersion elements to any game IMO is a great thing I honestly cannot see this going very well for bioware and EA considering how greedy they are with this game. The game still has the image designer locked to cartel coins on most of the features and while Im sure they will provide basic furniture and locations for players for credits, Im 99% sure they will make tons of better quality exclusives for cartel coins only. Im just making speculations based entirely on the current track record of the game of course. I just do not see this going very well once its launched finally if they do not make it a credit sink vs a cartel sink.
  • KinadoKinado lisbonPosts: 198Member

    I m a SWTOR player now and then but lets be realistic, EA/Bioware are doing a poor job to make this a proper MMO. Instead they are just scanning for epeen weaknesses that vain players have and making a profit out of it. Housing? We already have a ship that is completely non-interactive. Games are supposed to be interactive and not a painting to look at.

    It's a legit business but 2 years later, the improvements made on the game are minimal, specially since they promised so much and delivered so little. The game is not bad but its far from good also for a triple AAA title, they're making a profit out of fools and fools happily oblige.

    The only good move they made was galactic starfighters which in its own its a shell of a copy of Star Conflict nobody can deny that. Still, it was a good move and added space combat that a Star Wars game need because those space missions the game launched with were nothing short of a big joke.

    Again, let's be realistic, this game copied poorly from the successes of other MMO's. Nothing wrong with copying and improving, but copying poorly and using a good license to make a profit out of it just says a lot about Bioware and EA and future "improvements" they ll add to the game.

    2 things they brought to the genre that was new and pretty cool: 1_ Tanks are useful and fun in pvp . 2_ Huttball .

    But hey, it's free to play, so all good.

    They still didn't fix the engine though. I got a gtx 680 with no bottlenecks and still get inconsistent FPS. I start a warzone with 70-90 FPS, after a few minutes it starts going up and down from 70-30 making the camera movement lag a lot.

    Nop, that a hassle to fix. Let's just play housing instead and make some moneyh!

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