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SMITE: Scylla Code Giveaway!

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYAdministrator Posts: 6,044 Uncommon has partnered with Hi-Rez Studios to give away five codes for the game's newest god: Scylla. Each code will also grant access to Scylla's launch 'Tiny Terror' skin.

Entering is simple. All you need to do is post in the comments below between now and 3PM ET tomorrow telling us why you're excited to play Scylla. That's it! Once submissions are closed, we'll pick five entries at random as our winners later in the day.

Please remember to only post ONCE. Users found to enter multiple times will be disqualified from the giveaway.


Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB



  • SagrellSagrell AthensMember Posts: 10
    Scylla is a part of Greek mythology, and I'm Greek, so color me excited to play her
  • MontaronxMontaronx SchiedamMember Posts: 268 Uncommon
    I love playing with little girls }:)


  • Lightning41Lightning41 MilanoMember Posts: 1

    I felt in love with her at the first time.  <-- don't think weird things guys! xD

    I'd like to play with Scylla :( even if she's not strong.



  • DeusOmega11DeusOmega11 Ottawa, ONMember Posts: 1
    Scylla is a child at heart who gets into a lot of mischief. Just like me!
  • drgrandrgran Guelph, ONMember Posts: 192 Uncommon

    The wolf tentacles looks good.


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  • gunmanvladgunmanvlad UKMember Posts: 273 Uncommon
    Scylla is the ultimate troll, imagine getting killed by a small little girl! >:) Sooooo awesome!
  • SeptenterionSeptenterion AnkaraMember Posts: 1
    She is cute,angry and scary at the same time ! And I'd love to play with her..In smite mage gods always been my favorites :)
  • qwiklildroiderqwiklildroider COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VAMember Posts: 1
    My addiction is playing half of every game I can find..... Lets just add another to the list.
  • randmprandmp angola, INMember Posts: 54
    She may be be small, but she packs a very powerful punch!! The play style she has is what i like to play. Come in hit hard and leave in and blink!! I like to play hit and run mages. 
  • SaucySlothSaucySloth chantilly, VAMember Posts: 1
    i just started the game (level 11) and i hardly have any characters, it would be nice having someone else. kinda gets lonely with playing only cupid (which hes op btw)
  • Anyone813Anyone813 BelgradeMember Posts: 10 Uncommon
    Cute but deadly
  • HudraHydraHudraHydra bloomfield, NJMember Posts: 1
    I can chase someone down as a little girl that is also a hydra with wolf heads? It'll be like high school all over again!
  • AnimaeisAnimaeis DASDASDMember Posts: 1
    I'm exited to play with her because she's a monster with the guise of a kid. I truly love the concept and cannot wait to have her in my god ranks!
  • MagicWatchsMagicWatchs BAGEMember Posts: 1

    Comecei a jogar smite por causa da mitologia, e essa personagem demoniaca e docil é fantástica! 

    Também parecida com várias pessoas por ai. FALSAS.


    I started playing smite because of the mythology, and this demonic and docile character is fantastic! 

    Also like many people around. FALSE.

  • cyrax24cyrax24 Lincoln, NEMember Posts: 1 Uncommon
    Im very excited to use her ultimate, cant wait to use speed boost to chase down fleeing gods.
  • RyvellaRyvella RhenenMember Posts: 21 Uncommon
    I like her character design and am curious to try her out.
  • loominalloominal harrisburg, PAMember Posts: 2
    Scylla looks fantastic and i love the underwater themes!  She's small but deadly... Love it!
  • moonfanngmoonfanng zenicaMember Posts: 2 Uncommon
    Im not excited im terrified she looks like chuckys twin sister so scary O.O she will also scare the crap out of  other players xD awesome and unique concept.
  • misternexxmisternexx , ALMember Posts: 1
    Sje looks awesome and her kit is very original. I can't wait to play her :D
  • DariusRivenDariusRiven TaguatingaMember Posts: 17 Uncommon
    Looking nice and fun
  • VulcaiiinVulcaiiin GemblouxMember Posts: 1

    I really would like to have this skin and god :)

    I like her kind side then seeing her be evil :D

  • roby123roby123 Arad, NYMember Posts: 1
    I'd like to play her because i like the game very much, and i'm not getting anything like that. Besides i love the greek mithology.
  • BJC289BJC289 Willits, CAMember Posts: 31 Uncommon
    Id love to play her because her ultimate allows for a second hit if killing an enemy player. its awesome!!!!!!!! MEEEEE! <333
  • christwoodchristwood TartuMember Posts: 66
    I prefer to play mages in MOBAs and Scylla is one badass mage =)


  • ohno133ohno133 philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 1
    she look like a demon child who can kill others in a creepy way!
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