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Is it March 31 yet?

alicornalicorn Ocala, FLPosts: 179Member Uncommon

I so can't wait!

I have no interest in debating who likes it or doesn't or what needs to be changed.  I LOVE it, so YAY for me.  For those who don't, I hope you find a game you do like.  I don't see the need for flaming people who don't like it as it's not going to be for everyone.  If the game doesn't "do it" for you, hopefully you find one that does.

Is ESO perfect?  No.  For me though, it's the best out there and it has ruined me for even killing time in other games.  I've been beta testing it since mid last year and when each beta ends I find myself unable to even log into the other games I was playing because I just don't wanna be there anymore.

I hope everyone finds the same feeling about one of the many games out there.  Lots of shoes for lots of adventuring feet, may you gaming home entice you as much as this one entices me!


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