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I want to try and make a dungeon but.....

KarbleKarble San Diego, CAPosts: 750Member Uncommon

How can we make anything that all players will be able to do if we don't know all the variables.

Things I would want to know before trying to make a dungeon for EQ Next consideration.

1. What is the min/max size of character races (sliders included)?

2. Is there a slider for how much destruction can be allowed within a dungeon, if at all?

3. What is the limit on character movement including run speeds, jump, tool usage (grapple hook) etc?

4. What character abilities allow for extra movement....blink, teleport, heroic leap, spirit of wolf, levitation, and such?

5. How dark does underground get without extra lighting such as player torch or lantern?

6. Do players take damage from falling?

7. What unique tools will we have access to when building? fake walls? button activations? Basic physics effects like quicksand, fulcrums, door locks, mist, fog, underwater, gravity modifications, teleport pads, fake floor, sicky flooring, slippery flooring, complicated traps, fire, lava, magnetism, rooms that attract certain kind of mobs if the ai is built that way....etc.



Many of these questions are difficult to answer at this point. So how can people even start making dungeons in EQ Landmark if we have no idea about the above concerns.

I want to bring a taste of scale to EQ Next with a dungeon crawl that will make people want to either use cartography skill or write down on paper some diagrams so they don't get lost or die or get turned around.

Basically large and complicated with traps and surprises, puzzles and epic danger along with great rewards. I have alot of it in my head how it should be laid out. Just would hate to put the months into perfecting something that ends up being made easy or impassable because I didn't know some of the basics of the game.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a dungeon in mind to build as well?




  • JJ82JJ82 Chicago, ILPosts: 1,226Member Uncommon

    I suggest you get into Landmark Alpha, get some experience with what you can actually do...and take part in building the game.

    If you want to be able to do specific things, your best bet is to get your ideas out there, get support from the community and improve the odds of the developers seeing it, liking it, and getting it in the game.

    There are some developers out there right now, like Richard Garriott, Raph Koster and the makers of Landmark that KNOW that the future of the MMO genre involves working WITH players, providing tools to players to take part in building the world and evolving the genre. Now is the time to get involved and not sit back and "wonder" what its going to be like.

    "People who tell you you’re awesome are useless. No, dangerous.

    They are worse than useless because you want to believe them. They will defend you against critiques that are valid. They will seduce you into believing you are done learning, or into thinking that your work is better than it actually is." ~Raph Koster

  • SephastusSephastus New Brunswick, NJPosts: 455Member Uncommon

    Currently, there are no ways to make functional "dungeons". You can make a look alike, but you have no control on putting in any types of NPCs, or loot and other such stuff.


    Some of this may change for EQN, however, I highly doubt that NPC control, with loot possibilities, will be allowed in game. In addition to this, a proper dungeon will require way more than a single claim can give you. Current claim size, without going veritical, is about the size of one room in a typical dungeon.


    As for how "dark" it can get underwater, there is no "absolute dark". Even if you are completely sealed in, you can still see well enough. Closest thing to absolute dark, Is using Obsidian and making a box around you. You can still "see", but everything you do see is black, with the exception of yourself, who you can plainly see.


    They will include falling damage, but it is still not in game.


    The game will not have "physics", so most of your ideas are out. It will have activatables, however... so you can have, for example, an area, that when people cross it, something happens... like doors opening and such... Put a door on the floor, and a detector right on top of it, and you have effectively made a trap door. As for "fake walls", there is no way for a wall to be anything else other than a wall. You can't make it intangible.


    So far, players cannot destroy another player's property. And once EQN is released, only NPCs can cause destruction to player built anythings.


    About movement: There probably is a cap on speed, but that is mostly determined by how fast your computer can load what's coming up. There will be mounts, there will be hang-gliding, there are grappling hooks that people have been using like spider man, there will be levitation, but only in your claims, or claims where you have been friended, there will be teleports, there are huge distance decreasing abilities, on a per class basis, and tons of other movement related stuff.

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