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Vampire "Ritual Site" and Werewolf "Ritual Sight" Inside Imperal City?

NomadMorlockNomadMorlock N/A, VAPosts: 798Member Uncommon

First - This is pure conjecture. 

I was thinking that if the Imperial City is actually a "Darkness Falls" type area, how cool would it be to have things in there that players really want access to.  And maybe they have to hold it at a certain date or time...

Then I thought..

If you have read the Vampire and Lycanthropy skill lines, you will have noticed both can turn other players said Vampires or Werewolves once a week or once a month respectively and grant the skill line.

To do so you have to travel to the "Vampire ritual site" or the "Werewolf ritual site". Could make that interesting if they happen to be located INSIDE the Imperial City....

Just a thought..but I thought I would share.


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