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PC Interace

ketzerei84ketzerei84 Boston, MAPosts: 76Member Uncommon
I've been considering trying out FFXIV, at least until EQN/Wildstar come out, as I'm rather bored with the current MMOs available and put out over Vanguard's imminent shutdown. The one thin g that turned me off on FFXI was the super-clunky interface for PC, did this carry over to FFXIV? Or did Squenix manage to get a more "traditional" PC interface going for ARR?



  • NetSageNetSage Lake Geneva, WIPosts: 1,047Member Uncommon
    The UI is much more traditonal.  1.0 was a slight improvement with ARR they did a great job.  Somethings could be in more spots and the configuration menu could be better (broke it up into 2 big sections and something are oddly placed imo).  Over all though I like the UI.  It's pretty minimalist out of the box imo and you can move just about anything you need to.
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