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Old DAoC Videos? Post em here! Lets discuss the mechanics that CU could use from DAoC

MentalliMentalli North Tonawanda, NYPosts: 2Member

I am attempting to post some old DAoC videos and you should do the same! Lets watch them and mention what game mechanics are shown here. How are they successful or how do they fail? Is it impossible to even understand whats going on? Does it look silly? How can it improve? What works for DAoC may not work for CU - even if something worked on DAoC would it work in CU?


Here are my contributions:

3-Way on Mordred (Torcan vs Wrath vs Dizzy) :

24 min Wrath compilation on Mordred:

Roaming on Mordred (Torc + friends):

Ardee Romp on Mordred (Validus vs Torcan vs Randoms):

Blood & Wine (Percival):


Clearly CU is not DAoC 2.0 but I personally think there are many mechanics that could be borrowed from DAoC. These videos show examples of /stick and /face being used by melee trains. The video shows caster groups using /assist macros and resist debuff tactics. One shows battle from the perspective of a full time CC/hard interrupter (a Minstrel from Validus) who uses a variety of instant cast spells and songs to do his job. There is shape-shifting, pet casting, PBAoEs, Lots of  long CC (mez, root, snare), heal debuffs (disease), hard interruption on all casts, all sorts of curing and purging, combat rezing, very large heals, and because most of it is happening on Mordred you can see everyone's names, there is no limit to how many different forces get involved at once, and its easier to identify repeating players on either side of the battle.


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