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They should have added group voice chat for the ps4.

DritheDrithe salisbury, NCPosts: 54Member Uncommon

Diablo 3 added voice chat to the ps3 version and many peeps left the pc version just for that. You don't have to have voice chat but for group chat, so why didn't they add it?


End of line.


  • KnotwoodKnotwood Missoula, MTPosts: 1,103Member Common

    They also should have added EQ Next Landmark housing

    Interactive Objects in the game world

    BCNM's or Rare mob spawns in camps

    Voice overs.

    Crafting that's Second to best gear in game.

    A way to farm a decent living without feeling like a Chinese  gold farmer.

    Rewards besides tomestones for dungeons.


    But they did not add these things, and if you think they'll add voice chat, look at that list above again.

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