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Top Gear by Crafting or Other Non-Raiding Means

MightyUncleanMightyUnclean Posts: 1,161Member Uncommon

I'm not a raider these days, but I still like to have my e-peen stroked by good gear.  Are there any AAA, PvE games where you can get top gear through crafting or other means than a raiding gear treadmill?  I was looking at the rifts in Rift but understand they don't give great gear.




  • MightyUncleanMightyUnclean Posts: 1,161Member Uncommon
    No such thing?
  • LokbergLokberg OlsoPosts: 315Member
    Not yet as far as i know but it seems to be coming in the elder scrolls online, you will be able to craft the top tier gear
  • syntax42syntax42 USAPosts: 1,374Member Uncommon
    DAOC was the last game I know of that did this.  If you can tolerate their dated graphics and low population, you might enjoy it.  The crafting was based around mathematical formulas and stat caps.  It was beneficial to mix non-crafted gear with crafted, but not required to cap your important stats.  They made the game easier for solo and duo players, so you can potentially get anything you want by simply farming.  Also, not many things were soulbound, so even some of the best items could be traded.
  • Kevyne-ShandrisKevyne-Shandris Hephzibah, GAPosts: 1,946Member

    Top gear like heroic?


    There probably a few, but not AAA games.


    It's usually a few pieces much like WoW crafting allows.


    WoW does have the Celestrials (1 world boss - any warm body type raid) on Timeless Isle that can drop the 551 normal raid gloves and legs (as you can see on my armory...logged out with the Cata PvP Timeless Isle offers the upgradable 551 trinket. And anyone can farm Timeless @90 for token drops for 535 gear which is upgradeable to 543, so not shabby gear wise and all without having to do the SoO raid.


    Other alternative is PvP, where you can get the top PvP gear by just BG farming. Season 15 will start soon, and raises the ilvl of them again (and since PvE gear isn't upgrading it'll finally reach normal raid ilvl).

  • nerixa248nerixa248 rigaPosts: 45Member Uncommon
    try dragons prophet
  • MightyUncleanMightyUnclean Posts: 1,161Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by nerixa248
    try dragons prophet

    How is it?  Looks like gave it a 5.1 rating.  =/

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