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A Thinking MMORPG?

asiaineasiaine Beverly HIlls, CAPosts: 1Member

What I would like in an MMORPG:


Battles that require some thinking/strategy, each time.  Including using 'wits' in the middle of the fight.  Even with the same fight that you've done a hundred times before.


Equipment/Weapons that are not strictly progressive but situational (the right tool for the right job).


Equipment/Weapon customization (think FFVII Swords with material to heavily customize what they can do).


Social Community (Fun/nice people to chat with while going out on adventures).



What I do not want in MMORPGs:


Forced PvP

Scary Zombies


My 'problem' with a lot of the MMORPGs out there now are they are too simple/straightforward, or just click-click-click-battle-won, or PvP.



Thank you.


  • MaduoMaduo new york, NYPosts: 8Member

    eh, I dunno if it would be your style but, have you tried dragon nest?


    It's not exactly like FF7 with it's gear but it's definitely action-combat based.

    Unfortunately it's almost entirely instance-based too though.


    can't win 'em all =/


    (gotta warn you though, there are zambies and spiders at some points in the game)

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  • ForgrimmForgrimm Somewhere in TimePosts: 1,957Member Epic

    DDO somewhat fits what you're looking for. There are many different weapon types that are good for different situations. I used to have one backpack filled with different weapon sets that i could swap to based on the type of creature i was fighting. Here is a list of different weapon enchants and their effects/purposes The crafting system also allows you to make weapons with the specific effects/enchants that you want.

    Spell casters have limited spell points/mana that they can use in a dungeon. So you have to be wise about your casting, otherwise you could find yourself out of spell points/mana before the next regen location. PVP is completely optional in the game.

  • plat0nicplat0nic new york, NYPosts: 301Member
    Gonna go ahead and reccomend Elder Scrolls Online when it comes out. It's got thinking components to it for sure.

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