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DF1 Player returns... for a moment.

EisdracheEisdrache DortmundPosts: 41Member Uncommon

Hi there!

After I heard about several players enjoying DFUW, I thought to give it a try. I played the first Darkfall release for some month and liked combat and sandbox-style, but could not stand the "kill all"-"community". Since I heard community of DFUW to be rather good, I thought it was time.

So I payed my fee for one month and started the game, to see it crash two times before I even got to the character creation. So far so bad. And no, I am no overclocker and over games do not crash at all on my machine.

Well, to get straight to the point: When I chose Mahirim, my preferred race from DF1, I just yelled: "WTF!?" The former tail-lacking Woofers had turned in to f*cking pussycats! Even worse: After clicking through the other races, the actual shape did not change, only the painting of the avatar changed. I suddenly remembered Star Trek "The original Series" where Klingons where just humans with bigger eyebrows and other uniform. So why even make different "races"?

I am sure many PPL will not care about such, but i love the RP in MMORPG, so character differencies mean much to me. I believe that hardcore PvP players of DF1 may have complained about different hitbox sizes, but well this makes DFUW some kind of combat simulation, but not an MMORPG from may point of view.

Making long things short: I did not even try the actual game, but quit after running 2 circles in the starter area. Could not stand what aventurine made of Mahirim, made of this: Mahirrim Timor Eiswolf



  • StarIStarI Mount EverestPosts: 987Member Uncommon

    As a 2 year DF1 player and  2 month DFUW, I completely agree with you.

    I quit DF1 when I realised AV is just milking us not doing anything with game. Then they wiped the game telling us they are making a new one and what we got is an old game remade a bit differently and the sad part is overall it's a lesser game than the old one was.

    I gave them another chance with DFUW release but quickly realised AV is going to be AV.

    Maybe in another year or two (I hope) it will be worth playing but to me it already looks like they are milking the cow mostly and working secondly (looking at what they have done since release).

  • HolophonistHolophonist Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 2,090Member Uncommon

    I can only assume they homogenized the races to cut down on the work that would go into making the gear for all the different permutations of race+gear... or something to that effect. Yeah it sucks, but I don't particularly mind. I would really prefer to have that difference in races back, but it just doesn't matter that much to me.


    And yeah if you liked DF1 for the combat and the sandbox stuff and you disliked it because of the community, DFUW is going to be the worst of both worlds for you. There is less content and the combat is different. The content is being added slowly but surely, but the combat will likely not change aside from the addition of the rest of the classes.

  • BadaboomBadaboom Moose Jaw, SKPosts: 2,380Member Uncommon
    I dont like how the races look as well.  This is mainly because people were always bitching about hit box sizes and reach.
  • xpiherxpiher Indianapolis, INPosts: 3,311Member
    Originally posted by Badaboom
    I dont like how the races look as well.  This is mainly because people were always bitching about hit box sizes and reach.

    They had that fixed. Aim at the bandits with a bow and you'll see they are pretty much normalized. The reason all the models are the same is because it saved time.

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  • JupstoJupsto englandPosts: 2,075Member Uncommon

    As a DF1 fan I couldn't give a monkey about what they did to races. but there were alot which quit/whined over it too, absurd imo.

    There are numerous gameplay advantages to having every have the same shape; same hitbox, same reach, same animations etc. It means a MUCH more balanced game and better optimisation, less work to add in more armours/animations.

    They could have kept racial/weapons armour skins without hurting balance/performance; but I guess its just alot of extra work and they tried to go for quality instead of quantity.

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  • DarthRaidenDarthRaiden gdfgfPosts: 4,333Member
    Feel for you OP.  They just ruined  DF and this is not a full MMORPG game anymore.

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