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Stitching garb? Crafting garb?

coenneachcoenneach Porter, TXPosts: 2Member

 Howdy all,

 My boy (age 7) was asking about stitching garb in the game.

 I think he is referring to the woman next to prospector Zeke.

 Could someone give a basic idea of how this works?


 At what point in the game can you begin crafting garb?


Thanks in advance, Alric Emerald Eyes on humungofrog


  • KingsIsleKingsIsle Community Manager of KingsIsle Austin, TXPosts: 158Member

    We can definitely help with this!

    Our player guide has a full entry on Stitching and it all begins with Eloise MerryWeather.

    Have you ever found a clothing item or wand you love the look of, but wish it had the stats of something different? Well now you can take the stats of one item and apply them to another item of the same type. Love the stats on your Dragonspyre hat but it doesn't match your Grizzleheim outfit? Find a Grizzleheim hat you like, and move the stats from your Dragonspyre hat, to the new Grizzleheim hat to complete your stylish look. 

    Eloise Merryweather, who can be found near Zeke in all worlds of the Spiral has been busy learning how to stitch! For a small Crowns fee, she will allow you to transfer the Stats of one item onto the Appearance of another of the same type. (hats to hats, wands to wands, etc) 

    Next time you talk to Eloise MerryWeather, select the item you want to use as the Appearance, and the item you want to use for the Stats. Click Create and you'll have a whole new item with the look and stats you want combined into one. 

    Important things to note about the Seamstress:

    1. Both items will be removed from your backpack and replaced with the new item
    2. The name of the item will be transferred from the Stats item, along with the bonuses
    3. The bonuses of the appearance item will completely disappear, and be overwritten by the bonuses of the stats item, with the exception of No Trade flags. Those will persist to the final item.
    4. This process costs Crowns
    5. To undo your transaction, you will need to speak to Eloise again and select to Unstitch, however your Crowns will not be refunded.




  • coenneachcoenneach Porter, TXPosts: 2Member

    Thanks for the info.

    Sounds rather straightforward.

    I located a merchant in krokotopia that sold the recipes for crafting various pieces of garb.

    Pretty cool. Thanks again. 

  • kimberlymorse26kimberlymorse26 Portage, INPosts: 4Member Common

    There is a seperate crafting vendor in every world, for every school. In most cases for wizards level 50 & under, crafted gear is the best as far as stats go. Sometimes it's best to mix it up with drops from bosses, crown gear if you purchase crowns, or gear found in the bazaar.  Once a wizard reaches level 50, they learn 2 new abilities-critical (doubles the damage of the attack cast) and critical block (blocks the critical cast on you by the enemy).  This comes into play when considering gear as well.   Each school has different stat needs that need to be considered when selecting gear.  There is no perfect gear that provides the perfect stats we all want. Somethings are sacrificed for others. Storm and fire, for example, have horrible accuracy, which effects whether or not a spell "fizzles".  In order to ensure that no storm/fire spell fizzles, gear (including wands, clothing, rings, athames, and pets) must have a combined accuracy of 30%.  You can use spells learned in Celestia to make up for as much as 20% accuracy or you can use treasure cards that have it included.  Because of having to make up the high accuracy difference, things like resistance, critical, critical block, or damage may be sacrificed depending on your personal preference and playing style.

    If your son plans on crafting (he can also craft housing items which can't be found anywhere else in most cases), I highly reccommend gardening. There are plants that provide hard to come by reagents required for crafting. is a great site to use for looking up information on the game.  he can search for the reagent he needs, and it will show him all the ways to acquire it-who drops it, what plants drop it, etc. He can then click on a plant name and it will show the same resource information-who drops the seeds, where to buy them, etc.

    Hope that helps. Message me if you have any questions and I'd be happy to help. I'm extremely invested in this game and have it down to a science so to speak lol :P

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