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First impressions, the community is....talkative.

BraindomeBraindome Posts: 935Member Uncommon

[Global][Coolfear Thedrunk]:mag bleechs his ***

[Global][Magnetic Man]:wow man rude ;/

[Global][Coolfear Thedrunk]:so his boyfriend will **** it

[Global][Mac Nasty]:lol magnetic looks like those somali pirates from capt phillips

[Global][Rising Legacy]:lolol

[Global][Magnetic Man]:ill **** my boyfriends *** fgt

[Global][Magnetic Man]:im hte man i lick

[Global][Rising Legacy]:real life count chocula

[Global][Magnetic Man]:not him ;p

[Global][Mac Nasty]:lol

[Global][Rocky Digital]:haha

[Global][Teflon Prawn]:what the

[Global][Sacimus Maximus]:Flip Flap - Kors K

[Global][Magnetic Man]:sup tef

[Global][Magnetic Man]:hey whos really good at flappy birds heh?

[Global][Teflon Prawn]:hi

[Global][Olath Moonwalker]:m

[Global][Mac Nasty]:magentic stop pirating boats bra

[Global][Magnetic Man]:ok sorry ;p

[Global][Sacimus Maximus]:want to see my flappy video?

[Global][Magnetic Man]:yea

[Global][Sutter Cane]:what is a high score for that?

[Global][Magnetic Man]:im s*** at flappy bird

[Global][Magnetic Man]:game is so hard

[Global][Sacimus Maximus]:

[Global][Sacimus Maximus]:flappy frag vid

[Global][Chameleon Icedragon]:yo can we pvp please? i couldve gotten 16 arena wins in WoW by now

[Global][Coolfear Thedrunk]:magnectic goes to b*****b classes to work on his gag reflex f****t

[Global][Chameleon Icedragon]:even fights too

[Global][Gorthan Kilset]:hey fud jerk me

[Global][Magnetic Man]:ill make u a sandwich stick my d*** in it then ill eat it u p**** coolfear

[Global][Derban Mcdozer]:playing flappy bird reminds me of playing NES games...about 3 years ago i hooked up an old NES and tried to play some of the games, man these kids now days are spoiled

[Global][Gorthan Kilset]:put your hands in a circle and **** me off

[Global][Derban Mcdozer]:f*****g NES games are save points, you only get a few lives and maybe some continues

[Global][Magnetic Man]:ill fking cut ur toenails then eat it gorthan u p****

[Global][Gorthan Kilset]:pls do it

[Global][Kane Unforgiven]:u remember the gooftroop game?

[Global][Derban Mcdozer]:if your luck you get to write down a password to get  you back to where you were in Mike Tysons Punch Out

[Global][Magnetic Man]:ill make u a sandiwch in ur a**s then eat it gorthan

[Global][Magnetic Man]:p****


This is the first time I logged into the game, should be....interesting. Gotta say it seems pretty active and


  • CaaahlCaaahl LeipzigPosts: 229Member Uncommon
    You dont read such things on global on the EU server, so it's probably not so much DFUW related, but with other things....


  • LustmordLustmord Mt. Gilead, OHPosts: 1,108Member Uncommon
    yeah global is always rolling.
  • JupstoJupsto englandPosts: 2,075Member Uncommon
    turn off gobal chat, join a clan and talk to them. most mmos are like this

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