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Do i need to have closed beta key to test out ROS xpac

evdaezevdaez nocityPosts: 127Member Uncommon

I just prepurchased my ROS xpac yesterday and when i login i couldn't even create the crusader class and  it says i need to `upgrade` even after on my battle net account management, it says that i have ROS xpac standard edition. 

I contacted blizz live support chat and the representative told me that i am able to play D3 ROS beta with no probs. So i went and uninstall d3 PTR on my bnet app. I went to install `live` instead and im on 1.08 version instead of ROS beta :( 

My question is if i re-install PTR ROS, will i be able to test out the new xpac.. or do i need to have closed beta key attached to my d3 ROS license ? 

I wanted to play the crus class badly :( Any info is appreciated 


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  • MikeJezZMikeJezZ DenmarkPosts: 1,170Member Uncommon

    The PTR is missleading - many have made this mistake.


    You can't play RoS beta even if you buy RoS. Blizzard has earned good for missleading players.

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