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Functionality vs Emergent gameplay

CalfisCalfis Brooklyn, NYPosts: 381Member Uncommon

Over the past few days the ridiculously large battle in EVE has been spreading through various game sites and media outlets like wildfire and it has prompted more than a few responses of "wtf? this is fun? its like paint drying" because of the sheer numbers of people who joined in on the battle. The battle took 20 hours in the real world but only 2 hrs of game time because the entire local area was slowed to 10% real time to make sure the clicks that thousands of people were making at the same time would be processed.

Many MMOs limit the number of players in a specific area/server to prevent this kind of soul-crushing lag from happening, but this also artificially limits the number of participants. Which means that clans/guilds/alliances participating in a fight would not be allowed to "bring their full forces to bear" on the enemy. Now that might be fine in an arena type deathmatch where a battle may not matter but in EVE the wars and battles are not setup arena style, they just happen because people decide to attack something. People decide to attack things because they want to win and if you put limits on the number of people or ships they can bring in then you are arguably nerfing their ability to win.

The lagfest on Monday happen because the commanders on both sides of the fight decided "Fuck it, lets go ALL IN" each side gambled that they would have enough forces to overcome the other side. Is it really up to game devs to say that players are not allowed to go "ALL IN" because it would negatively affect game performance?



  • uplink4242uplink4242 fx, MTPosts: 257Member Uncommon
    People are used to these spul crushing fights already. They actually happen every few days, though of course not at the scale you've seen.
  • MalcanisMalcanis LondonPosts: 3,269Member Uncommon
    Where did the devs tell the players to do or not do anything?

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  • CalfisCalfis Brooklyn, NYPosts: 381Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Malcanis
    Where did the devs tell the players to do or not do anything?

    Im not saying they did, I'm posing this as a general question to people who are more familiar with more mainstream MMOs where there are limits.


  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    It's up to the developers to decide how to build the game they want built.  If that means allowing everyone to hop in or limiting the number of players in any given area, then that's how they should do it.


    Though, in world PvP I've yet to reach any sort of server limit on how many people can be in any particular area in WoW or Rift.  We have gotten enough players in an area to crash a server in WoW, so I don't think there's an artificial limit on how many people can be in any one area, at least in WoW.


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