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Can someone explain the imperial situation?

laokokolaokoko TaipeiPosts: 2,004Member Uncommon

I understand imperial is a new race?

I just don't understand the play as any alliance part.

That's say I have friend in allinace 1 and another friend in alliance 2.  Does that mean if I play as imperial I can play with both my friend 1 and 2?


  • MibletMiblet BognerPosts: 333Member
    It means you can pick (most likely at character creation) one of the three factions.  If you have 2 friends in 2 different factions then you would need to pick which friend to play with (assuming you don't roll more than 1 character).
  • EntinerintEntinerint brooklyn, NYPosts: 868Member Uncommon
    No, you will still have to choose your faction.  However you are no longer limited by race so you still want to coordinate with your friends which faction you want to join, you just don't have to compromise on your favorite race to play with your friends.
  • Skeeter50Skeeter50 summerville, GAPosts: 147Member Uncommon

    It is more choice.."play as you want to play" like TES games.


    Pre-order, then decide on vent with everyone you play with which faction to join.

    If you pre- order the game, your character of any race may play in any faction.

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