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[Preview] Dragon's Prophet: Olandra Brings a New Level Cap and Underwater Adventure

BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing EditorBerea, OHPosts: 3,667MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Yesterday, we sat down with SOE’s Todd Carson to talk about some big upcoming content additions to Dragon’s Prophet next week and later on in February and March. From new zones to new dungeons, new features, new character levels (90-94), new dragons, and even Dragon Arena where you can pit your collection against another player’s, it seems that Dragon’s Prophet is about ready for a second look. Read on for more details gleaned from our chat with Todd Carson.


Read more of Bill Murphy's Dragon's Prophet: Olandra Brings a New Level Cap and Underwater Adventure

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  • JJ82JJ82 Chicago, ILPosts: 1,226Member Uncommon

    They really need to do something to turn this game around in the west. The game is hoping in Japan and is receiving a lot of support, in the US at least its near dead. Its a shame too, the game is much better than average and offers at least some features you don't see in most MMOs.

    Sure beats the typical WoW clone design.

    "People who tell you you’re awesome are useless. No, dangerous.

    They are worse than useless because you want to believe them. They will defend you against critiques that are valid. They will seduce you into believing you are done learning, or into thinking that your work is better than it actually is." ~Raph Koster

  • HarikenHariken Brighton, MAPosts: 1,509Member Uncommon
    The reason why its not doing well is because of the crashing bugs. Runewalker just ignores all the problems the game has with Nvidia cards. Your lucky if you get the game to run an hour without crashing or ingame graphics going wonky. And this has been going on since beta.
  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Niagara Falls, NYPosts: 3,694Member Uncommon
    Runs fine on my nvidia 660s. Same with my 560 ti on my old computer. Game has other problems for me though like just being boring.

  • TybostTybost Posts: 573Member Uncommon


  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAPosts: 3,010Member Uncommon
    The game is fun. I've been seeing quite a few people in the starting zone as well which is a surprise, last time I tried it was almost a ghost town in this area. The combat and animations are a lot more fluid than in beta, and the dragon taming system gets you a dragon and able to fly around within 5 minutes after the tutorial. It's a very well designed game and I hope that they can get better advertising in NA because it could be a great game if SOE supports it long enough.
  • SunYamSunYam Beckley, WVPosts: 133Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Hariken
    The reason why its not doing well is because of the crashing bugs. Runewalker just ignores all the problems the game has with Nvidia cards. Your lucky if you get the game to run an hour without crashing or ingame graphics going wonky. And this has been going on since beta.

    I've been playing it off and on since beta with nVidia card and it's never crashed on me.

  • Solar_ProphetSolar_Prophet Columbus, OHPosts: 1,587Member Rare

    I really wish they'd stop introducing new bug-ridden stuff, and fix all the crashes, bad translations, horrid animations, and other stuff which really shouldn't have left open beta (or even closed beta) first.

    I think interest in the game is growing a bit, but it may be too late to undo the damage done by SOE's idiotic decision to push the game out the door long before it was suitable for consumption.

    I want the person who made that decision to post here so I can tell them what a complete fucking idiot they are. They shouldn't be involved in business at all, much less the games industry. In fact, I'd say custodial work or fry cook would be a far better match for their limited capacity for intelligent, rational, reasoned thought.

    No, a couple of admittedly awesome power metal ads don't make up for that.

    AN' DERE AIN'T NO SUCH FING AS ENUFF DAKKA, YA GROT! Enuff'z more than ya got an' less than too much an' there ain't no such fing as too much dakka. Say dere is, and me Squiggoff'z eatin' tonight!

    So let me get this straight: It's greedy to want to keep the money you've earned, but it's NOT greedy to want to take money that somebody else earned away from them? Only the left wing could come up with that kind of insane troll logic. It's got the stamp of their common core all over it. 

  • akkedis86akkedis86 pretoriaPosts: 123Member Uncommon

    This game is pretty ambitious be it without the budget of some larger games. You can clearly see the Guild Wars influence. Yet they add even more than that. Player housing, Dragon flying, swimming, good looking cities, but little imersion though the lore looks pretty good. 


    To be honest this game is expanding damn fast. I'd liek to see voiced characters for more imersion, and a more solid pvp system which I think they will deliver on. 


    All over, you have to spend a bit of cash though to lessen the inconvenience on the limited dragons, and inventory.

  • masterguyvermasterguyver warner robins, GAPosts: 6Member

    if you are going to play this game. do not play the na version. play the eu version. why?

    1. I do not believe that all the bugs in the na version is caused by the program but the server Sony is running them on. this will explained the data base error we have for when we delete items but they are still in our bags till we re-log and then they are clickable again. the bug for giving gifts to friends and it glitches and you can't give out more till you re-log cause the system will show someone on line when they are not. of the fact that in the current last zone (cause sony is the only one that has chosen not to add the new zone or up the player cap like the other have) you have to re enter 2 of the dungeons many times before it will let you in and in one you do not use the auto exit after beating the boss will take a few try to get out. Also I do not think that it is the program cause on the eu forums have stated that they do not have the bug like the x-mus even silver cash which had one bug that would not let you take them as a reward unless you had one bad slot free per silver coin, then when you could claim them. you did not get them but a chat spam of a database error that is still on many character even when you log.

    2. we still have the x-mus event going on and no sign of the new event that the eu server already have with the cool looking Chinese dragons.

    3. do not post anything on the forums of the problems in the game. any posts will be deleted and you forum account banned and your game account threaten with a ban also. (and that does include posting a reply to a post saying that making any post saying what would happen when you say bad things about the game.

    so take my advice. if you choose to play. play on the eu servers. they run constant server evens that require all players to work on them, they have more sales on there game money. the mod are more engaged with the player on the forums and not just to strong arm them into silence.  If not wait till ESO or WILDSTAR comes out, or you can check out the kickstart more a new mmo being done by the original creators of everquest before sony bought the company. 

  • masterguyvermasterguyver warner robins, GAPosts: 6Member
    oops reloaded page and it posted 2 times
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