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New Kickstarter from Creator of Vanguard

allegriaallegria San Francisco, CAPosts: 682Member

Hey all.


With Vanguard finally shutting down the creator of Vanguard and EQ Brad Mcquaid has a new kickstarter up... if you have not been there, here is the MMORPG forum:




  • NirrtixNirrtix Friendswood, TXPosts: 173Member
    Donated.... Come on guys... if you enjoyed Vanguard this is only $20 to get into BETA and without a Producer, what happened to Vanguard cannot happen...

    -Shroud of the Avatar
    -Camelot Unchained
    -World of Warcraft
    -City of Heroes
    -Star Wars Galaxies
    -Saga of Ryzom
    -Starcraft II
    -Warcraft III
    -Star Wars The Old Republic
    -Vanguard Saga of Heroes

  • ShadanwolfShadanwolf Posts: 2,114Member Uncommon
    Would a bank lend money to someone who defaulted on their mortgage  a few years ago ?
  • ShojuShoju Hicksville, NYPosts: 771Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Nirrtix
    and without a Producer, what happened to Vanguard cannot happen...

    What? Like actually launch? 

    Do your research before throwing money at Brad.  The KS isn't to build a game, it is to fund renting office space, , buy infrastructure and pay themselves some money.  You are funding the set up of a company, not the development of a game.  Brad will more than likely ask people for more money to do that.

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