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Which version to play? Still active?

BraindomeBraindome Posts: 954Member Uncommon

Sony just announced the closing of Vanguard so i'm looking for something more realistic and deep, never got a chance to play DAoC back in the day, but  love Asheron's Call and Ultima Online and want to give DAoC a spin as it seems it may have that combination i'm looking for.

I'm just curious what version to play as I see there is the EA version and an Origins server that apparently runs the game. My main question is which version to play and how is the activity? I know EA recently canned Warhammer so don't wanna step into a similar situation.



  • vkejaivkejai walesPosts: 97Member Uncommon
    Go and play on the new origins server , as everyone is starting new.
  • PraviusPravius Almont, MIPosts: 71Member
    Origins is not a EA server. It is a "freeshard" and is run by people who likely work real jobs and do not support the game full time. That said origins is suffering horrible issues right now.. you may want to wait a few weeks before trying to roll there. they are having issues with people exploiting and massive lag and server stability. It's not even playable at this point to be honest .
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