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Hephaestus_XiiHephaestus_Xii tuscaloosa, ALPosts: 21Member


Website: Sabotage Website (Newly Redone)

Guild Charter: Sabotage Charter

Forums: Sabotage Forums (New)

VoIP: TeamSpeak3

TESO Alliance: Daggerfall Covenant

Players Wanted: (Crafters/PVPers) (All Classes)


Sabotage would like to openly invite players looking for a guild in the Daggerfall Covenant Alliance. We are a multi-gaming guild of like-minded mature individuals, united in a desire to cooperate, enjoy and assist each other in a shared MMO gaming experience. We don’t put a huge emphasis on age requirement because sometimes that can be misleading when it comes to maturity. We mainly look for a mature relaxed and laid back gamer, yet serious when required, friendly and willing to help others and above all tolerant and willing to compromise when needed.  


History of Sabotage


Born from the  ashes of necessity Sabotage was originally started with a group of friends who enjoyed playing games together after a long days work and inbetween family time. And over the years we have played multiple games from Guild Wars,DayZ, Darkfall 1.0/2.0 to Tera and some others in between. The vision behind Sabotage was to have a place where other gamers like yourself who enjoyed PVP  or any other type of game could have a place to gather. A place where it didn’t matter if you had crazy aiming skills or didn’t play 24/7  but enjoyed gaming.




We put a strong  emphasis on team work and being tactical on the battlefield, so being able to carry out instructions is crucial (especially in TESO). We use TeamSpeak as our VoIP and it is required if you plan to PVP with us. Our Official Website has been completely redone to make it more users friendly.

We are looking to increase our player base with like-minded individuals, who are mature for their age (whatever it maybe) and enjoy pvp/gaming and who are also looking for a friendly growing community to be a part of. If you think this might be the place for you feel free to stop by  and register. You are also welcome to join our TS even if you decide not to register with us, guest are always welcome.



Sabotage Gaming TS3 Open To All Gamer's

Teamspeak IP.


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