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Fantasy Films vs MMORPG's

jesadjesad Posts: 879Member Uncommon

Let's have some fun. 

Let's think of plots from fantasy movies that might play out differently using MMORPG mechanics.

I'll start.

The Hobbit never completes his mission because, after Thorin Oakenshield scolds him for almost falling off the cliff, HE DROPS GROUP AND GATES HOME!  LOL!!

It would happen, you know it would.



  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon
    The 13th warrior.  No viking funerals needed. All heroes respawn
  • Jean-Luc_PicardJean-Luc_Picard La BarrePosts: 6,027Member Epic

    Game of Thrones:

    The bad guys would be farmed for loot every week by a horde of unknown nobodies...

    Only redeeming quality: you get to kill Joffrey several times.


    Originally posted by Nadia
    The 13th warrior.  No viking funerals needed. All heroes respawn

    Very good, underrated movie!


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  • jesadjesad Posts: 879Member Uncommon

    Additional nod to the 13th Warrior, just watched that again last week.


    Voldemort respawns 25 minutes later so that xHarryyoloswag Potterx can have a chance to kill him.

  • jesadjesad Posts: 879Member Uncommon

    These actually aren't that easy to think up now that I had to do it a second time :)

    I get the feeling that if we keep going the same mechanics are going to keep coming into play one way or another.

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