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If you have the chance to improve MMORPG/s, which stuff would you wish to improve?

Hello everyone, I'd like to know your thoughts about this qustion. :)
Thanks in advance.



  • toddzetoddze no where, OKPosts: 2,142Member Uncommon
    I would make a new genre and call in MMOW (w stands for world) basically it would be old school MMO's which were a niche group when old school MMO's were first made. That would improve the MMORPG genre because the jaded fans would finally have their games again, and the casuals can have their easy mode games. Win win situation. everyone gets a game they would enjoy.   

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  • grndzrogrndzro Reno, NVPosts: 1,120Member Uncommon

    I would eliminate single player content.

    It's an MMOrpg there is no reason for single player content. What's better, enemies that are easy to solo or enemies that you are deathly afraid of that require a party and tactics.

  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,696Member Rare

    instanced pve content .. more scripting, learning from SP games of how to do solo, or small group content well. Better and more seamless way of placing players into instances.


  • syriinxsyriinx New York, NYPosts: 1,383Member Uncommon

    1. Slow leveling way back down.  Look back to Vanilla WoW is the minimum leveling time.  Every AA game since LOTRO has been at least 1/3 WoW's leveling speed, most faster.

    2.  Worlds must have multiple options for all level ranges

    3.  Meaningful max level progression not tied to gear- think EQ AAs

    4.  Knock off the raid tiers and ilevel crap.  Balance gear around risk vs reward and dont obsolete it every time you release a new raid.

    5.  If you allow multiclassing make sure the other classes have to level fully (see FFXI).  Also make switching on the fly severely limited.  newer games like Rift and FFXIV have zero meaningful choice because you can swap into everything at will.  FFXIV makes you level at least, but that takes little effort.

    6.  If you are going to stick to standard htemepark crafting, it needs to not be click > automatic success > automatic skill up.  However, it shouldnt be extra clicks for the sake of extra clicks.  FFXIV got it right here.  

    7.  Racial variety is very important.  Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and blue humans doesnt cut it.

  • osc8rosc8r Posts: 688Member Uncommon

    Re-think PVP...

    I mean, we used to have world PVP that made sense, which was meaningful and based around player skill.

    Now we have PVP that has been dwindled down to an instanced grindfest which usually revolves around standing in circles and nothing more than a battle of gear > skill and where dying means nothing more than a 5-10 second timeout....

    Then there's the linear questing, class restrictions, easymode gameplay

    actually I could go on forever...

    I'd be happy with a re-make of Asherons Call 1 2000-2001 era with today's technology. Done.

  • TheodwulfTheodwulf Brockton, MAPosts: 302Member Uncommon

    Everything I want

    a huge Living breathing  game world that can change

    Resisted  rolls combat with a RNG wildcard element

    Class/archetype balance with a self balancing underdog system

    Economic controls built into the game

    A RvR meta-game that has PvE resource gathering as well as direct PvP

    MINI-games, casinos, racing ,  dueling ect

    Crafting and item decay

    Limited fast travel and timed mass transport (wow  zepplins/ships)




  • SirPKsAlotSirPKsAlot bagong silangPosts: 224Member

    I would design an MMO that played that a cross between a MOBA and Diablo. It'd have;

    1: Public area quests like Warhammer

    2: Super customizable character appearance

    3: Ship sailing with lots of islands to explore and ways to engage other player ships in combat

    4: Flagging yourself as open PvP gives you better PvE experience but you lose a bit of experience on death

    5: Player-ran factions with leadership elections so like, a large enough guild could vote their leader as the High Ruler of Astaroth City or whatever.

    Currently playing: Eldevin Online as a Deadly Assassin

  • ZenmagiZenmagi Dadd city, FLPosts: 14Member
    Item decay.
  • MagiknightMagiknight McKinleyville, CAPosts: 782Member Common

    Remove 95% of instances in MMOs. Make players dependent on other players. Good story. Harsh death penalty


  • MaquiameMaquiame Posts: 1,053Member Uncommon
    I hope everyone who answered is investing in the Pantheon Kickstarter.

    Put your money where your mouth is.


    Any mmo worth its salt should be like a good prostitute when it comes to its game world- One hell of a faker, and a damn good shaker!

  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,696Member Rare
    Originally posted by Maquiame
    I hope everyone who answered is investing in the Pantheon Kickstarter. Put your money where your mouth is.

    nah ...

    first, i am not sure pantheon is going to have great scripted solo instance content.

    Secondly, even if they do, why would i put up money for wishful thinking when there are plenty of already released games i can play? I don't pay for a promise of entertainment. Heck, when i play F2P games, i don't even pay for entertainment.


  • mastersam21mastersam21 Long Beach, CAPosts: 70Member Uncommon
    Same with the poster about removing 95% instancing, relying on communtity (yes forced grouping0, focused role for combat/crafting, region based auction house/trad, ect many more.
  • KendaneKendane Las Cruces, NMPosts: 225Member Uncommon

    Alright what I think would improve mmos.

    As someone said, multiple options on where to level. So say levels 10-20, have some areas that are good for 10-15, some that are 10-20, some that are 15-20.

    With this in mind, I want meaningful gear. If I get the (OMG 3STR 3STM Leather Belt!) I want it to be a viable item for awhile. So 10 levels, and that its an acceptable item for a bit after that. I would also like it so items weren't bind on equip or pickup for the most part or at all. This allows for more trade among players. Granted I think crafted gear should have some viablity too, or perhaps its a weaker alternative.

    With that in mind, I would also want leveling to be slowed down, as well as not having all the content at the end. Now I don't want Aion level grindfest slowed down, though part of the problem with that was the lack of grouping. But frankly the speed at which people level makes 1-49/59/69/79 etc pointless. No one cares because all the good stuff is at the end. Which brings me to

    Public dungeons and raids. Now first the bad things with this. In EQ there were guilds that pretty much "owned" a raid. You went in and "stole" their Inny kill, well first they would likely "accidently" train you or if they could assemble quick enough just flat out kill steal it. Using modern mechanics that probably means either training, resetting the mob, having someone keep tagging the mob till the guild that "owns" it can take it for themselves. It could also be a pain waiting on a "list" to get in a specific mob that dropped gear you wanted first, and then wait on a list to be up to get said loot after the other people got it.

    Though the benefits were great too. The dungeons really were dungeons. It wasn't just run from one end of a pretty instance(since no doubt the developers do try to make it impressive). You had winding halls with dead ends, the hazards that came with public dungeons such as trains. The issue with getting gear also had benefits, even if they weren't ones that effected your character stats directly. In general once someone got his gear, he would inform the next person, wait for them to arrive, swap out, rinse/repeat. Since you were limited to your little hovel in the world, people tended to socialize to pass the time. This allowed you to get to know different players, which was pretty nice. Granted that can be boring sticking to one spot, maybe too time consuming for people with more real life obligations and the advent of vent might leave people just talking there instead of group chat.

    But with the time spent towards this gear, again I would want it to last a long time, heck maybe longer than 10 levels in some cases.

    I would also make travel take longer. I would want a sever limit to mounts, even your basic ground mount. If you're traveling to city A to city B, it should take at least half an hour, with considerable risk of wondering mobs depending on your level.(Thinking mostly people past moderate levels, such as 35 in a game with 50 as the cap would be able to move fairly safely. However DO include travel spells, like EQs Druid or Wizard spells.

    Another would be aside from team PvP servers, could we do away with the two faction, three faction bit? I think rep/faction should be broken up to several groups, at risk of sounding like I want an EQ clone, I did like its faction system.

    To cut off my rambling, the last bit I would like would be a sort of encouraged socialization. I think there should be food items in the game that give buffs, like many already do. However, I would like the standard eat n go food, while having good buffs, to 1. Have a shorter duration and 2. Not carry one through death. I would then want food that takes 15 minutes to fully activate plus needing to be in places like a tavern, but last, say 5 hours and through death. Maybe extra stat increases for listening to player musicans, kind of like SWG.

    I would have more but this post is going on far too long hah.

  • iixviiiixiixviiiix GSPosts: 1,290Member Uncommon

    If i have change to improve stuff i want to improve in game world size and number of dungeons .

    over 1000 dungeons are idea.

    More monsters in database , maybe same size as pokemon's number


    more mini games

    Improve in goals .

    Better goal (carrot) than current treadmill , goals that only some can archive like become most powerful men , become king of kings or maybe wildest dream to make oneself god.

    At lest , more goals for a player to become than level up and raid next dungeons then next dungeons and next dungeons.

  • Mtibbs1989Mtibbs1989 Posts: 3,066Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by BobcatSnowblitz
    Hello everyone, I'd like to know your thoughts about this qustion. :) Thanks in advance.

     Honestly I'd have to fix the 'fixes' and 'improvements' that developers put into the games. Meaning that I would put the grind back into the game and take out the GPS system within games including the glowing and sparkling quest items and trails. These aren't the only things that should be fixed. There are many other issues I have with current MMOs.

     In addition I'd also remove the LFG system. The ability to automatically queue into a dungeon removes most socialization players do. It's even possible that I'd end up taking out private dungeon all together and enforce open world bosses. If you want loot from a specific boss then you'll have to compete against other groups in a battle to take down a boss (whether it be PvP or dps race). Which also allows me to take out one of the shittiest features in modern day MMOs; the lockout timers. The lockout timer is a terrible idea that's only in modern MMOs as reason to artificially keep players coming back the game forcing players to pay for more subscription time. 

     I'd also increase the level cap. In addition to more grind as stated earlier; you'll have a higher level cap. Giving a extremely high level cap allows for a players character to grow. You may have killed the final boss in the current content but that doesn't mean your characters development should end. This allows players to continue to grind and to continue to become stronger. Larger level caps also allow for more content to be added at various level ranges. Which could allow for more replayability with different classes. I'd also allow players to gain stat points per level so that they can spec into any stat they want. The more customization a player has over their character the better.

     Once again, with the addition of grind back in the game I'll also be able to focus on a crafting-centric loot system. Seeing as I've bumped the level cap to a high level like 200 for example and added more grind to the game this allows for players to not only grind for level progression but this gives them the ability to obtain materials for gear progression. Most companies seem to tack on crafting onto the game which leaves crafting to become useless later in the game's life.  I personally haven't seen a great crafting system in a game since Anarchy Online. So I'd focus in infusing the crafting system with all parts of the game. Making it an essential part to wielding the best sets.

     As you can see earlier I bolded sets in the previous paragraph meaning I would have many different sets for players to wear. You shouldn't have to look like clones on the screen because the developer was too lazy to design multiple sets of gear. With the introduction of multiple sets I'd probably design a stat system for gear so that It didn't rely on light, medium, and heavy armor. That system forces players to specific type of armor depending on their specified class.

     With level and gear progression explained. I'd also focus on skill progression. you shouldn't be able to *poof* have all of your abilities at will. I'd love to seem some work from players to obtain new skills for their class. Forcing a player to go on quests to unlock skills for their class and possibly add hidden skills throughout the game for players to find. Rewarding those who explore off the main road. This could also lead into things like parkour or even puzzles that require collecting random hidden artifacts around the world and placing them at their designated locations to unlock secret places. Time to get back on track, want your character to be unique? To standout from other players? I believe that a player's skill should be more or less efficient  based on frequency in which the player uses a skill. You might be the same 'class' as a player but this doesn't mean that you will use the same same skills.

     But alas these are just my ideas as to how I'd make a game 'better' in my eyes. I highly doubt many people would love to see a game like this happen. Grind seems to be one of the last things on a person's mind these days. It's typically instant gratification for the masses.

     Developers can add all the gimmicks they want to their game; but if the core isn't properly in place the game as a whole will not stand.


    Somebody, somewhere has better skills as you have, more experience as you have, is smarter than you, has more friends as you do and can stay online longer. Just pray he's not out to get you.
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