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Thoughts of a returning player...

richarddoylericharddoyle Posts: 84Member Uncommon

I just recently returned to Rift, and these are things I'd like to see:

1.  New animations.  I literally quit playing my Warrior because I hate his animations so much.  They're just bad.  It was even more disappointing to try out the Tempest after buying the SL souls.  Just terrible animations, especially for melee.

2.  Tweak and expand upon Dimensions.  Since returning, the most intriguing addition to the game since I left I've found to be the Housing.  Being able to build whatever I wish out of building materials is a lot of fun, and I've already spent hours on it that I enjoyed much more than doing the boring old grinding.  

a. However, the controls for manipulating objects are just not intuitive.  Having to move objects only on the X and Y-axis is tedious at best and frustrating at worst.  It would be great to have the ability to be able to combine objects and then put them in your inventory as one object; I realize this might not be entirely feasible, but it would be very handy.

b. Then of course there's the high cost which is obviously encouraging you to invest heavily in the cash shop unless you want to build solely out of basic wooden planks and stone tiles.

c.  Plots in an instanced "housing zone" à la DAoC rather than private, individual dimensions would be nice.  Though admittedly I realize there are "public dimensions" that I haven't looked into yet to see if they could serve this purpose.  But it would be more fun to be able to build on individual plots in which you (and those you gave access to) could manipulate the objects on that plot so that you could have a community without having people come in and screw up your stuff.

d.  Maybe something else could be devised for the "wall" around your dimension, as it's kind of disturbing to look at, leading me to avoid building close enough to the edge that I could see it.  Perhaps you could make it visible or not visible via a setting, so that you can tell where it is while building but then turn it off when you don't need to know precisely where it is.

3.  Work on the lore.  The lore in this game is incredibly generic and not even worth paying mind to, in my humble opinion.  I will unapologetically call this game a true WoW-clone, because that's just what it is.  However, I think that what WoW has that this game is truly lacking is a soul.  It has very little "character" as it were.  They focused heavily on adopting game mechanics but forgot to make the game memorable.  Who has played WoW and doesn't recognize, "YOU NO TAKE CANDLE" or Murlocs or Arugal.  Everything about Rift's aesthetics and lore just screams knock-off.  There was no love put into it, just a system without a heart.  Make the game's "feel" more unique and you'll find people will actually enjoy the world rather than treating it like a path to end-game.

Despite these criticisms, I'm finding the game to be OK to play when I feel like killing time or grouping with a friend.  However, I'd have to say that the only thing really keeping me playing is that there isn't anything better that I can find.

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