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Going to restart my MOVW.

ArChWindArChWind Some Place, WIMember Posts: 1,224 Uncommon

So why tell you this?

Even if you don’t care, you saw it announced here today and you know I now started working on it, have a goal and a release date.

But why?

I going to beat multi-man high dollar teams because I want the damn challenge. Many projects are flocking to Kickstarter anymore. Big names and small names alike needing big money to get the job done and years of development time. My project is a one man team and it’s going to stay that way so don’t ask unless you are willing to actually do work and mean real work not just tell me how to make it. Don’t expect a contract either. You will be here because you believe in it or hit the road. I don’t need or want the aggravation and I’ll probably tell you no anyway. There will be no website, no BBS, no blog by me except postings here hopefully in this thread unless it gets locked or deleted. If you want that shit then make your own following. I won’t sue you or require some NDA or anything of the sort. I just am not going to have time to invest into that end of the spectrum now.

There will be no Kickstarter or crowd funding of any sort. If this can’t get off on it’s own than it wasn’t meant to be. Hopefully it starts drawing in attention but that is probably not going to happen either and I’m not going to sell it out so don’t ask.

It starts today with a clean slate. No world made. No code written. All previous work has been deleted.

Let’s see how far it gets.

I’ll take a look at it once a month and update it. If I don’t update it probably means I died. After my heart attack in August I try to smoke less, eat right and get better rest so I won’t be putting in 20 hour days anymore. Since I work a real job 8 to 10 hours a day and 5 on Saturday I have limited time. If I do die then it will never get done. I really won’t care after that will I? I may never get done anyway but I’m planning to have a workable Alpha in 18 months. Maybe beta by 2017 and release by 2018. If more get involved maybe move it forward but I’m not going to wait with batted breath for that either. This is 4 years, one guy, zero funds so don’t hold your breath but do stay tuned.

I will be using assets I can find as place holders while I create my own or buy them but again I seriously doubt it will ever get to the public release simply because it is not a AAA title in the main stream.


Haven’t decided yet. I may call it Prophetic Justice. I’m sure that many will call it something else but go ahead. Maybe I’ll use your title.


Medieval / Science fiction because I like that. if you don’t to bad. Go elsewhere.


BigWorlds Indie because I am cheap, can’t afford to pay the full price and don’t want to spend years developing a network infrastructure. Have already paid for it several years ago so I do have a license to use it. Hero Engine just can’t cut the mustard with gridding out worlds or I would continue to use it.


OW FFA multi-faction PvP (greater than 3 factions) with no full loot. Sorry to burst your bubble but full loot is just not going to happen. Again, don’t harp on it or ask, It’s set in stone.

Crafting – Best and only way to get good items. NPC will sell you basic gear. There will be some quests but nothing with uber gear.

If you want quests then make your own or submit me a story. I’ll put in the world if it is within the theme.

Guilds – Basic guilds and alliances with cross faction capability.

5 levels – Beginner to Advanced in five steps. Not sure what names I’ll use yet.

No classes – You can mix and match skills to make your own class.

35 skills maybe more depends on how it works out.

World size – Not sure how big it will get but starting it around 20 KM square or 400 Square Kilometers non-instanced seamless.

Titles - Some to start. Depends on the time factor. Not a major feature but there for personal goals.

Housing – Probably not at the beginning. If it does get there it will be OW.

I’m sure I missed something but this is the basic design.



  • ArChWindArChWind Some Place, WIMember Posts: 1,224 Uncommon
    Hey mods. Would mind putting this in Developers Corner where I thought I posted it.
  • ArglebargleArglebargle Austin, TXMember Posts: 1,914 Uncommon

    Tell us what you really think!!


    Good luck....

    If you are holding out for the perfect game, the only game you play will be the waiting one.

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAMember Posts: 14,247 Rare
    Good luck, Archwind.

    There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein
    "Graphics are often supplied by Engines that (some) MMORPG's are built in" - Spuffyre

  • ArChWindArChWind Some Place, WIMember Posts: 1,224 Uncommon

    Here is an update.

    Been couple days since I started.

    Will probably be doing world building for a few months.

    Been busy with several other things going on so not much time to work on this.

    Still no name for this yet.

    Made a world map. Took the best looking repeatable design and slapped it in the engine, put a few textures on it so I now have a basic scheme design.

    Well, looks better than some game worlds but not that great.

    Take a look.

  • PizzaGoblinPizzaGoblin Member Posts: 24 Uncommon

    ArChWind, I feel like this is something I might have tried if I lived in a parallel instance.

    Seriously, have fun, and Good Luck!

    "If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger."

    Frank Lloyd Wright

  • ArChWindArChWind Some Place, WIMember Posts: 1,224 Uncommon

    Feb update.

    As I said originally I will update here as time progresses so here is the current status for those that care to know.

    After installing a world terrain and some initial models for a test of loading and unloading the world data I found that the distance of 2 Kilometers view causes an extreme lag spike when hitting the chunk of terrain with lots of new models. Well that means I have to reduce the view to a more reasonable distance and make sure the models are fed into the stream slowly. To do this I need to rework the world to have a much further transition between chunks.

    Beings I built the terrain intending on having a long epic view I am not satisfied with the current world so I shit caned it and started a new one with a better setting.

    As far as the project itself with more being done other than flowcharts and XML definition files, it is currently on hold while I wait for finances to buy a 64 bit computer for a server (April or May). The Virtualbox keeps crashing the host (my desktop). I think it is due to the  fact I am running a 64 bit OS inside Windows 7 32. It crashes even before I install the BW server so It is totally unrelated to thegame engine. I had considered rebuilding an old machine that needs a power supply but and use the desktop as a server. Bad thing is that the old machine only has 2 GB RAM (limitation is the way it is built so its max RAM is 2 GB) With only 2 GB I am screwed to develop much so I will just wait until I can afford a machine for a server.

    My next update will be late April most likely.



  • ArChWindArChWind Some Place, WIMember Posts: 1,224 Uncommon

    OK Here is this months update.

    After a shaky start, like 4 times, to get KoW off the ground, I have gotten off my lazy ass and actually started programming last week. I put off the coding for so long that many think I can’t do it. I really don’t care if they believe in it or not.

    I still can not afford a computer to run the server but the latest VirtualBox has been fixed to run 64 bit OS on a 32 bit host without crashing. I ran it for 4 days before I installed the BigWorlds server and MySQL so I’m very happy to get to work on it. It has been running stable for the last two weeks without any reboot of the host machine.

    I have a team member that is defining all the harvest systems and I am working on the code to harvest. We are really happy with the progress so far. We have at this time a flat plane to work with so it is not something I am ready to show.

    The future is not as bleak as it was 3 months ago however the lack of support from the engine developers has me concerned a bit. If it goes mainstream it could cause some issues since I may have to switch engines or pay $500,000 for the real thing.

    Next update (probably July) I hope to put up some video to back up what I posted here. As of now it is no where ready to see but it is falling into place as it was designed.

  • TOWROKTOWROK Ludlow, MAMember Posts: 33 Uncommon

    This is interesting, I look forward to seeing any projecting become something more.

    Hopefully I can say the words "look where this started" to a friend. Good luck ArChWind and keep it up! ;D

  • corpsegankcorpsegank somewhereMember Posts: 38 Uncommon

    I'm back on the team and we're making heaps of progress.

    I've put up a subreddit for anyone that feels like supporting us. The website will be up soon as well(hopefully). 

  • ArChWindArChWind Some Place, WIMember Posts: 1,224 Uncommon

    Something new is in the works.


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