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IGNEOUSPHERE – LGBT and Allies Free Company (Cerberus)

ChreylovonChreylovon ViennaPosts: 1Member

IGNEOUSPHERE is a new social LGBT and Allies Free Company based on Cerberus (EU).

We aim to build a strong community of mature gamers from all walks of life - having fun, helping each other explore the world of Eorzea, chilling and chatting as we craft, laughing our bottoms out doing dungeons, and going crazy over end game contents.

We welcome like minded players from all skill levels, beginners to veterans, whether you are casual or hardcore.

Our activities include exploring the world of Eorzea, levelling up, FATEs and Dungeons, Crafting and Gathering, help with getting Relic Weapons, Primal Hard Mode Farming, Crystal Tower, The Binding Coil of Bahamut, Free Company Give Aways, and much more.

Please feel free to post a message below, or PM me your character name, or visit to join :)

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