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Pax Virtus [Pax]: Gilgamesh: PvE/Raiding Guild Now Recruiting!

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Pax Virtus is the Final Fantasy division of Pax Gaming on the Gilgamesh server, a greater gaming and MMO community dedicated to recruiting and hosting the best people and personalities online. We in Pax Virtus value the person behind the avatar as much as the skill and expertise they can bring to the guild. If you value a guild that supports casual and hardcore play and cares about you then you should look no further than Pax Virtus and Pax Gaming.

We here in Pax Virtus are predominately a PvE/Raiding guild looking to fill our ranks with both casual raiders and hardcore progression minded raiders. We are currently working on Turn 4 of Coil with our primary group, Crystal Tower, and Extreme Mode primals. We work around our members' schedules and plan raids so that real life is not impacted. We are seeking mature, reasonable, and fun people to fill our ranks and expand our raiding scope to include multiple progression groups and multiple casual groups. 

Crafting is another popular past-time here in Pax Virtus and we have a dedicated core of crafters and gathers (and quite a few Builders of the Realm) who organize and coordinate crafting/gathering events for the whole guild to take part in to raise funds or craft needed items for the guild. The events are focused on being fun, competitive, yet productive. We are a guild that shares and assists one another and just about all of our standing members have a crafting or gathering class at fifty. If you love crafting and gathering, enjoy helping your fellow members, and have an eye on dominating the market Pax Virtus has room for you.

While we currently do not have a strong contingent of PvP focused players we are looking to recruit people who strive to dominate the battlefield, know every counter and strategy to crush their enemies, and live to teach others how to reach their max potential in the battlefield. If you are a PvP player willing to assist us is developing a strong PvP core then let us know; we would love to hear what you would do!

Pax Gaming and Pax Virtus by extension also supports Role-Playing, and we have developed our own lore in Pax Virtus to build upon. We haven't been role-playing recently due to our focus on PvE and gearing out our members, but we openly embrace and encourage role-playing for those who wish to do so. If you don't care to role-play then don't worry: it is not enforced and if you want no part in it the role-playing is kept to it's own linkshell or the say channel. If you feel you can craft a story, create compelling characters and motivate others to join you then we would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in joining Pax Virtus you will need to head on over and visit the Pax Gaming Website and make an account. Seeing as we value the person behind the avatar more than anything we require all aspiring recruits to first fill out an app in our New Member Orientation thread (linked here). Any questions you have can be answered in that thread, however, since we are here: do read our Charter before applying seeing as that is our living document detailing all our rules and policies. If you agree with what you see there then fill out and app (don't be afraid to write-up as much as you can: we prefer recruits who put some effort into their applications) and click submit. From there you will be an active recruit in Pax Gaming and Pax Virtus for two weeks as you get to know us and we get to know you. This is not a trial or tribunal! The point of recruitment is both us and you to see if you are a fit in Pax Gaming. As a recruit you will be invited into the Free Company in game, given access to our TeamSpeak channel, and can use our IM chat on the forums; we encourage you to communicate and actively get to know our standing members. Just remember to check in with your recruitment app itself daily and make a post: this lets us know you are still interested and invested.

We in Pax Virtus care about our people and we care about our guild. If you feel you are a great fit our would just like to get to know us then visit and say hello! If you have any questions feel free to PM myself, Kythas (Lead Rector for Pax Virtus), and I will answer all your questions quickly and concisely. Thank you for taking the time to read our recruitment thread here and we hope to hear from you soon. Our personal forums can be found here


-Kythas Rythe



  • KythasWraithKythasWraith Tinker AFB, OKPosts: 8Member
    Well, slow week, but that's normal. Come the weekend everyone is online. If you have any questions I am always available :D

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